A Week on the Snow–The Canyons, Utah

I hope you have enjoyed all the awesome guest posts over the past week! I was so thankful that these awesome ladies agreed to help me out and share with my awesome readers! In case you missed any of the fun, make sure you check these out:


I have to say, I enjoyed the time away!! I had a great week in Utah – with many hours of fun spent on the slopes. The snow wasn’t as amazing as it usually is out there, but the spring conditions were still a lot of fun and we even ended the week helping a friend conquer his first Intermediate run. I think we created a new snowboarding fanatic. 😉

2012-03-30 14.49.46

Mark (taking a break) and Kirk (standing up)

I have lots to share, but today let’s start focus on our time on the slopes! We rode 5 out of the 7 days, so a great deal of our time was spent on the white stuff. Most days it was pretty warm, but the second day it was freezing. I don’t think I took a single picture that day, because I didn’t want to pull my hands out of my gloves.

2012-03-25 11.32.41   2012-03-25 12.48.57

2012-03-25 15.33.05

The snow was aptly described as “spring conditions” for most of the week – which means soft. As long as it didn’t turn to ice, I was happy. I can ride fairly well in “corn-snow”, although the “mashed potatoes” feeling that arrived later in the week was a new one to me. It got SO soft that it would slow you down (or stop you) as you were riding down the mountain. A good workout for your legs to move through it!

2012-03-25 11.39.302012-03-27 11.38.07

We’ve been riding at The Canyons for several years now, so it’s fun to revisit spots on the mountain that are less travelled and old favorites. There’s a stretch through the trees off the terrain park that Kirk and I both love. We usually can’t get all the way through the trees without a bit of a hike (it flattens out before the clearing), but it’s always worth it. Quiet, powdery, and peaceful – I don’t think we’ve ever ran into anyone else in “our spot”.

2012-03-27 15.10.31

2012-03-27 15.07.37

After at least 18 hour of riding over 5 days, I was still sad to see our time at The Canyons come to a close. This was our only time on the slopes this year, since there was certainly no snow in the Southeast this year. We’re already talking about planning at least 2 trips next year – hopefully Whistler & Vermont. We also kicked around the idea of South America for summer snow, but I’m not sure I see that happening this year.

2012-03-30 15.22.23

At least we have some pictures & great memories to tide us over until our next trip to snow country.

2012-03-29 15.33.44


Questions for you:

  • What is your favorite active vacation in winter months?
  • Do you prefer the mountains or ocean – or both? =)
  • What’s the temperature where you are today? It’s in the 80s back in Atlanta!!

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    • says

      A beach bum, huh? I can relate. :) Do you snorkel or scuba – that’s my favorite way to enjoy the beach. I’m not very good at sitting for very long… 😉

    • says

      If we didn’t already have July trip plans, I’d probably take you up on the Argentina offer! You guys should plan a ski day while you’re there for sure. :)

      The weather in Atlanta is so wierd – we enjoyed brunch outside after church and I was sweating when we worked in the yard after. Craziness!

    • says

      Hahaha – you make me smile! :) I’m not sure if I’m the most athletic, but I do enjoy more active vacations. I’ve never been very good at sitting still for too long (hence twitter on the ski lifts!).

  1. Mark D'Alesssandro says

    I SOOOOOO made the blog :). Also hard to tell the difference between me taking a break and me getting up from yet another fall… either way good times!

    • says

      That’s a great way to describe it – I couldn’t say it better myself! There were so many times that all you could hear was the swoosh of the board on the snow, really helps you appreciate the beauty that God created for us! =)

  2. Lee says

    I really like snowboarding too, even though I’m not that good at it. The last time I went was 4 years ago in Park City, but I used to go more often when I went to college in Vermont. My school was about 45 minutes from both Stowe and Sugarbush. Where in Vermont are you thinking of going?

    • says

      I didn’t know you went to school in Vermont? We used to go there every year for a long weekend of riding at Okemo Mountain (where we originally learned) and stayed at the Weathersfield Inn. We haven’t been in a few years and were reminiscing about how great it is there — that’s the plan for next year! I also liked the tree runs at Stowe (only been once), so we’d probably ride a day there too.

  3. says

    I really enjoy snowscapes (gorgeous pics, by the way), but I still think my fav vacation in winter months is to a tropical beach. Surprisingly enough, with the ocean v mountain question though – I’m going with both. Variety is the spice of life.


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