A New Adventure…We’re On The Move!

I really don’t like keeping secrets. Especially when it’s exciting news and I WANT to tell you.

But for the past few months, I’ve had to keep a pretty big secret from you. Completely ignoring some stuff that was going on in my life and just act as if everything was normal. Today, I’m coming clean!

Remember how much fun I had in Colorado a few weeks ago? All the beautiful mountains, the fabulous weather, the outdoor activities, the local breweries…

050512 - Blend

I’m so excited to share, that we’re MOVING to Colorado!!


I accepted an offer with a new company this week and Kirk’s job allows him to work remote, so we’re packing our things and headed across the country. Well, not quite yet, but the pieces are in motion! I’ll be working at my current position through June 1st and starting immediately at my new job on June 4th.

We’ve got a ton to do over the next few weeks/months, getting ready to rent our house, buy a new house (we think), pack up 10 years of stuff, drive across country (did I mention I HATE to drive?), and learn about life living in the “mile high city”!

I’ll be sharing a bit about our journey as we make this HUGE change in our life and if you’re in the Denver area – “Hello New Neighbor!”


Questions for you:

  • Have you made a big move in your adult life? I’d love to hear the good, bad, and ugly!
  • Which is more your style – Atlanta or Denver?

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  1. Liz says

    My biggest move without children was going from the East Coast to California…Yes we drove out and loved it. Saw so much of our beautiful USA.
    Second biggest move was with 3 children. This time it was from Chicagoland to Sicily, Italy. Fantastic!!! Now if you hate driving in the good ol USA don’t even thin about attempting to drive in Sicily!!! Stop signs are optional….but I loved it..
    Think positive…and when you do drive to Colorado, see the majesty in our wonderful county.

    • says

      W0w – you’ve been all over! My problem isn’t really driving in the US, it’s the super-long time in the car. Short distances are fun – thousands of miles, not-so-much! :)

    • says

      Thanks JL! Chicago to NYC must have been a huge move. We’re definitely hiring movers, but decided to pack ourselves so we can purge as we go. Hoping to spread out the packing over several weeks and make it a little less overwhelming.

  2. says

    When I picked up and moved to Austin on my own, without a job or really any friends, it was scary, exciting, and overwhelming…and it was life changing. I was away from family and had to “put on my big girl pants” to figure things out on my own. I would not trade the experience for anything…even though I ended up coming back to Virginia.

    I constantly want to pack it up and move. I have severe wanderlust…
    Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen recently posted…Lexington-Style Red SlawMy Profile

  3. says

    I just emailed this post to Greg stating “I’m so happy for her- and so jealous!!”
    WOW!! SO exciting! As you know, we have a plan in motion to get out there as well- and I’m really hoping that it happens soon!
    Did you know when you were at Blend that you might be moving? Or did you start looking into it afterwards?
    We’ll be back out there in July- and definitely have to get together then!!
    YAY!!!! xoxo
    Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning recently posted…I Need Boot CampMy Profile

    • says

      I’m hoping it happens soon too!! I didn’t know for sure at Blend, but things were pretty far along and I was very hopeful. It did make me more excited about the possibility. :)

      Let me know when you’ve got a date – I hope we’re in a house in July, but it’s all up the air right now!

  4. Lee says

    What??? Obviously, I don’t want you to move, but I totally understand why you would and am happy for you. Colorado looks awesome!

    I actually moved to Atlanta almost ten years ago without a job and without really knowing more than 3 people. I could say it worked out. I’d actually love to move to Colorado though!

    • says

      I know, it’s really far away, but we do accept house guests! :) And YES, we have to hang out – after your amazing race this weekend, of course!

  5. says

    Ahh! How cool! I’m sure you guys will love Colorado with it’s active outdoor lifestyle (and beer.) We’re taking a vacation to Boulder in about a week because so many people have told us we’d love it there. Maybe I’m strange, but I would find it thrilling to pack up my life and start over somewhere else.
    Alayna @ Thyme Bombe recently posted…Cakes and Ale AnniversaryMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Alayna!! You’re going to love Boulder! You’re not weird, I said the same thing when we started talking about moving – I am ready. It’s the long list of “to-dos” that bring me back down to earth & all the friends I’m going to miss. But it’s still going to be amazing!!

  6. says

    How exciting! Congrats! I REALLY have to get out there. You BLEND ladies all RAVE about it and I am loving all the pics. My in-laws moved out there this year and we are overdue for a visit! (so they tell us :)

    You have some BUSY weeks ahead of you!
    BeckyA recently posted…Protein PuzzleMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Becky!! I can’t believe I’m going to live near where we spent Blend weekend – so excited. And you’re right, my “to-do” list is a mile long already!

  7. says

    Congrats, girl! I LOVED Colorado while we were there for Blend and could definitely see myself quite comfy and cozy there (maybe someday?).
    I’ve made several moves and my biggest being my move from NJ to SoCal, which turned rather ugly in fact. I filled my car with all of my stuff (sold all my furniture prior) and my car broke down when I was in Utah. I got stranded for 5 days in the tiniest town ever while waiting for the ONLY mechanic to receive a new transmission for my car. I was all by myself too because I wanted less passengers and more room for stuff!
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted…Fitness Friday // Bootcamp Week 1My Profile

    • says

      Oh yea – I envision mornings sitting on a porch (hopefully with mountains in the background) sipping hot tea.

      Ugh, your trip to SoCal sounds horrible. Makes me want to get a thorough checkup on my car before our trip. I won’t have time to spare!

  8. says

    This is super exciting, Heather! Wow! What a neat life change…how fun to be able to say, “We’re moving to Colorado!” 😀 Can’t wait to see how God keeps weaving yours and Kirk’s story!
    Bonnie recently posted…W.E.D.N.E.S.D.A.Y.My Profile

  9. Kelly @ No Sugar Sweet Life says

    Having lived in both Atlanta and Denver (almost equally – 14 yrs in ATL, 13 yrs in DEN), I can say without a shadow of a doubt – Denver is sooooooooo more my style. Hello beautiful mountains, outdoors, and a laidback lifestyle. Oh, and it’s no problem if you don’t wear makeup out (or ever! ha!). I’m so excited!!! Do you know the area you’ll be looking to buy a house. I have my fingers crossed it’s Denver or slightly north. Please keep me updated!! And we’d love to have you over when you feel a bit settled… and you can even photograph your meal :)
    Kelly @ No Sugar Sweet Life recently posted…Motherhood + {Peanut Butter & Jelly Pancakes}My Profile

    • says

      You make me even more excited about the move – so excited!! I think it’s going to fit our lifestyle so well, even if I still wear makeup. :)

      We’re looking south of Denver, I’ll be working in Centennial so somewhere with a good commute is what we’re looking for. Oh yea, and a long list of other desired attributes.

      We’d LOVE to come over to dinner when we get settled. I’m so glad we met at Blend!!

  10. says

    Wow! That is so crazy and so so exciting!! Colorado is an awesome place and completely perfect for y’all. I’m really excited for your new chapter!!! Congrats!!! And if you have time in all the craziness of a move we should do a big blogger goodbye party for you!!!

    • says

      Thanks Stacy – it really is a great fit for us! A blogger party would be awesome if we can work that out – so sweet that you thought of that. :)

  11. says

    YAY!!!! Congrats!!!! The drive isn’t SO horrible….depending which way you go. I drove from Fort Myers, FL –> Cincinnati, OH –> Denver, CO to move my fiance out here. That was a LONG trip. 4 days in a car? Yuck! Yours should be shorter :)

    • says

      Aw, thanks Lynne! I’m just terrible in the car for that long – I didn’t grow up with road trips (my Mom worked for Delta and we flew for free). It has to be done, so at least I’ll be with a cool guy & cute dogs. :)

  12. says

    Congratulations on your new position! I’m originally from Denver (moved away ~3.5 years ago), but it is an amazing city! Do you know what area you are planning on liivng?

    • says

      Thanks Amy!! I love hearing from everyone that it’s an amazing city – it just helps me get more excited about the move. We’re going to live within 30 minutes of Centennial, although not sure exactly where yet.

      • says

        Centennial is REALLY nice! That’s around where I lived last before moving and really liked it. Parker is a really nice area, that’s where I grew up. I think it’s a lot more developed now, but still really nice. I can’t wait to read about your adventures and reminisce :)
        Amy recently posted…219 Restaurant ReviewMy Profile

  13. says

    Wow, wow, wow!! We will miss you here, but congratulations and I am so excited for you! What an adventure. Jesse and I have talked about going somewhere new… and Denver was actually at the top of our list. We love the outdoors and the scenery it offers. I hope someday we have an opportunity like this one you’ve just gotten! I am so proud of you and excited for you! I’ll be keeping up with your life through the blog, but come back and visit us here in Atlanta sometimes too!
    Carol @ Lucky Zucca recently posted…A Week of SmoothiesMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Carol!!! It’s a bittersweet move, so excited, but wish everyone could move with me! I’ll definitely be back, we’ve talked about coming back more often to make leaving our friends a lot easier.

  14. Ashley @ Freckles & Spice says

    Oh my gosh!! Congrats. Did you know this was a possibility when we were there.
    That dashes my dreams of being able to visit both you and Laura at the same time though :(
    Ashley @ Freckles & Spice recently posted…Doctors, Art, and CakeMy Profile

  15. says

    Denver is so gorgeous! I’m a southern gal at heart, so while I’d choose Atlanta over spending winters in CO, I absolutely love going there during the summer. It’s so crisp, clean, beautiful and open! There’s definitely a unique feel to the entire state.
    Allie recently posted…Factual FridayMy Profile

    • says

      It’s funny, but I’m excited about snow in the winter, although there’s really not that much snow in the Denver area (that’s in the mountains). I can’t wait to get away from the humidity in the South – that i WON’T miss!

  16. Christie says

    So excited for you- congrats!!! Although, I am bummed that you’ve only been a few hours away and we didn’t get that chance to run a half together… someday.

    Best wishes for a smooth transition and safe travels!
    Christie recently posted…All About Circuits: Day 18My Profile

  17. Christine @ Oatmeal Bowl says

    So freakin’ jealous. And I admit, I have look for positions in Denver/Boulder.

    Congratulations! That is so freakin’ awesome. They have you job hopping pretty quick in between. More exhilaration. 😉
    Christine @ Oatmeal Bowl recently posted…10 Best Banana Bread RecipesMy Profile

    • says

      I hope you find something there – it could be a blogger paradise with everyone moving there. :)

      It’s really my choice to make the switch so close – there’s stuff at my current job that I wanted to help finish up, didn’t want to leave anyone high & dry. It was the right thing, even if I’m a little tired. :)

    • says

      GOOD!! You BETTER come visit me – I think your love of Colorado rubbed off on me. :) I’m a little bummed to be moving so far away when we just figured out how close we live now!

  18. says

    yeeee, congrats you guys! congrats on the job and all!

    we just finished what I consider a big move… 😀
    …but my biggest was when I moved from Portland to Central Oregon, to build/open a spa at a big resort there. I found a great house on the Sunriver Resort property, and played tennis and golf, ran and biked their 38 miles of trails, and fun slow floats on the Deschutes River at midnight. It was idyllic, a fun time. I just missed the city and my friends and family, so while this was one of the best career moves for me and it was a fantastic position, after a couple years I came back to Portland.

    I’ve never moved cross country – hope it all goes smooth, make a fun trip out of it (or fly, and have your stuff moved?) can you negotiate a move package with your job? 😀
    Kristina recently posted…thoughts and thingsMy Profile

  19. says

    WELCOME! :)

    So excited you are coming – seriously an awesome decision, especially if you have jobs and such when you get here {we didn’t, still a great decision}! Good luck packing everything up, getting the details worked out and most importantly…enjoy all that bonding time you’ll have on the nice long drive to your new city!
    Heidi Nicole recently posted…Snapshots: farm, friends, fargoMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Heidi – I can’t wait to be officially there and all the “Stuff” done – you know. :) I’m so impressed you guys just moved there with no jobs, you are REALLY adventurous!


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