Let’s Get Motivated and RUN!!

I’m working my way through Running FAQs I’ve received through Facebook, Twitter, and Email to help you get up and get running! Today’s topic is about motivation – how to get it, keep it, and use it.

But first, I wanted to share some exciting news!! I finally finished reading the Bible – cover to cover! =) It took me 2 years and 2 months (certainly longer than the planned 1 year timeline), but I am so excited I finally did it!!

Motivation To Run

The first question to ask yourself is why you want to run? There are so many different answers to that question, but the ones I hear most often are:

1.  It’s a Social Activity – I like to run with friends or family

2.  To accomplish a goal

    • Lose Weight
    • Finish a Race
    • Be able to run a certain distance
    • Go Faster!!

If running is mostly a social activity for you, it might be tough to get yourself out the door for a run by yourself.

Family Running

  • Set up weekly running dates with your friends and family. You can meet your neighbor for a run before work one day, run with a co-worker at lunch or after work, and run with a family member on the weekend. That’s three days a week with someone waiting for you to show up. Accountability is a great thing!
  • What if you don’t live near your friends or family? Join a Running Club! This is a great way to meet new friends who also want to run – it’s a built-in support network for running. Look for a club that has multiple group runs each week, so you can add those to your calendar and head out for a run with your new friends.
  • Sign up for a race with your friends and family, so you’re all working toward a common goal. Even if you can’t train together, you can call, email, or Skype to keep each other accountable and motivated. What about setting up virtual running dates? Call each other before and after the run to make sure the mileage was done. Still not working? Let’s get really creative! How about talking to your virtual running buddy using earbuds while you run?

Maybe you’re a goal-oriented person (like me!) and running is your way to reach a goal. It could be for weight-loss, bragging rights, or a bucket-list item; goals are a great way to stay motivated.

  • Write it down: what are you trying to accomplish? Write S.M.A.R.T. goals to help you stay focused and on track. If your goal is a race, add it to your calendar and pay the registration fee. No one likes to throw away money!

Run Racing is Fun

  • Tell someone about your goal and when you’re going to meet it. Pick someone you know will help keep you accountable and ask about your progress. When you know people are watching, it’s easier to get out the door when you’d rather sit on the couch.
  • Create smaller goals along the way to keep you motivated. If you’re goal is to 50 pounds, how about setting a target date that you will lose 5 or 10 pounds. If you’re training for a 10K, how about scheduling a 5K during your training to check your progress. Once you get there celebrate your success!!

Race Hardware


Even if you’ve followed these tips, there will still come a day when you just don’t want to run. What then? Look back at your reasons for running. Is it worth it? Is it important? If your reasons are important to you, it should help you get out the door (most of the time).




  • Why do you run?
  • Any other tips to stay motivated?

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  1. says

    I think the biggest driver for me in knowing how awesome I feel after a run. It’s a great release, especially if you’re stressed at work or have a lot going on.

    Your point about telling people is a big one too – having a blog does wonders for keeping me accountable with workouts!

  2. says

    I work from home, so running is another way to get me up and out of the house, I’d go crazy without it. Bragging rights are an added bonus, as are my calves of steel!

  3. Tim says

    I run for stress management, weight control, and to maintain mobility as I age. I’m much slower than before, but I’ve never trained for speed. I also enjoy the endorphine rush. I don’t use drugs, so running is my “high.”

  4. Lee says

    Lol, there was just a meeting at work today with HR about setting S.M.A.R.T goals.

    I run because I want to maintain or lose weight and because I like having a specific goal (like a time or distance) to work toward.
    Lee recently posted…The Atlanta Fresh Yogurt TourMy Profile

  5. says

    I love this post, Heather! Great thoughts and good tips. I run because my body LOVES it…it’s my release, my time alone, and something I do that makes me feel healthy and accomplished. I’ve thought about joining a running club…is that something you’d recommend? Sometimes I wonder if I should be a little more social in my running. 😉 My main motivation is how I feel after a run, and my schedule’s so weird and not consistent that generally it’s easier for me to go solo. That being said, I’d LOVE to go on a run with you someday! :)
    Bonnie recently posted…Recent UpdatesMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Bonnie! I love your perspective, that’s truly “listening to your body”, right?!

      I highly recommend run clubs for those times that you need a little extra motivation or just some good company & conversation on the run. It’s fun to have others to talk about running, share goals, share tips, and just meet new people! I know what you mean about flexibility though, I’ve been really taking advantage of that recently.

      We definitely need to run together!!


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