Sweat On The Road (Bodyweight Workout)


I’m getting ready to start a week of travel for Thanksgiving, which can often throw a wrench into your fitness schedule. Although I prefer to plan ahead to find a gym in the area, there are times that it’s just not going to happen. For those times, it’s best to have a backup plan. Because you […]

Scary Good Leg Workout


Happy Halloween! Although I’m not the girl who creates a haunted house for the neighborhood kids OR watches a scary movie every night of October (or any night), I do love this holiday. Who am I kidding, I love any excuse to celebrate. My celebrations actually started last week with festivities at work. Since it […]

How to Choose Your First Bikini Competition


As you know by now, I’m currently training for my second bikini (physique) competition. Going into my first show last year, I didn’t know much about what to expect and I learned a lot as I was going through the process. Since I’ve gotten a lot of questions about competitions recently, I thought it might […]

Can Comparison Be Good?


We’re halfway through the week, but it feels like the start of the week for me. I’ve been finding this awful respiratory infection that has completely knocked me out since Sunday. I am very rarely sick (typically once per year), so being out of work for 2 days straight is unheard of for me! As […]

NPC Rocky Mountain Recap (Part 2)


It’s an exciting week around here – and we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet!! In case you missed it, yesterday I announced the #MoveHappy Challenge. It’s a free challenge with some awesome prizes given away every week in December. Make sure you check it out and sign up! ******************** Picking up right where I left […]