How Much do Bikini Competitions Cost?


It’s time to answer another reader about bikini competitions – the third in the series answering your questions! This week I’m answering Amy’s questions – two questions actually: do you really need a coach AND how much do bikini competitions cost? Check out the video to hear my answers on this topic:

Time Commitment for Prep {Bikini Comp Q+A}


I’m back this week with the second video in my new video series answering your questions about bikini competitions. I’m so glad that you guys enjoyed the first one last week — I’m actually enjoying filming them more than I expected! This week I’m answering Morgan’s questions on the time commitment required for prep – […]

The Truth About Bulking {Bikini Comp Q+A}

The Truth About Bulking (Bikini Competition Q&A) //

It’s the first week of prep for my third bikini competition! After three months of bulking, I am incredibly excited to start cutting calories and start to uncover the muscle that I have (hopefully) built over the past few months. To celebrate the start of bikini prep (and because I thought it would be fun), […]

Legs & Arms Workout


It’s officially spring, but I am still in denial. I know I’m in the minority, but I’m not done with my snowboarding and snowshoeing adventures quite yet. The slopes here in Colorado are still open for another month, so I plan to squeeze every last drop out of winter. And remind myself that Spring really […]

Upper Body Focus Workout (Chest, Back, and Shoulders)


How is your “Spring Forward” adjustment going? I feel like it always takes me at least a week to adjust to the time change. I don’t miss the morning daylight and I really appreciate the extra daylight after work, but for some reason it’s just harder to get out of bed. That lost hour is […]

5 Tips for Morning Workouts


Today is the last day in my current full-time job. I’ve had the pleasure of working at my current company for over 2 1/2 years, helping to shape the digital strategy for a medical device company that truly changes lives. Now it’s time to move on to my next adventure – changing industries, but staying […]

Losing is Everything: 12 Week Transformation Challenge!!


It’s the last week of 2014 and many of us are planning for an incredible 2015. Is the year you are going to achieve a new fitness goal and really transform your life? That is a common resolution this time of year, but so often it gets pushed to the bottom of the list when […]

Sweat On The Road (Bodyweight Workout)


I’m getting ready to start a week of travel for Thanksgiving, which can often throw a wrench into your fitness schedule. Although I prefer to plan ahead to find a gym in the area, there are times that it’s just not going to happen. For those times, it’s best to have a backup plan. Because you […]

Scary Good Leg Workout


Happy Halloween! Although I’m not the girl who creates a haunted house for the neighborhood kids OR watches a scary movie every night of October (or any night), I do love this holiday. Who am I kidding, I love any excuse to celebrate. My celebrations actually started last week with festivities at work. Since it […]