Running Tips for Mature Athletes


This week’s question came from one of my more mature readers. That’s my politically correct way of saying someone who’s getting a bit older.  I love this question, because I fully intend to be running and racing well into my senior years! I want to be fit and active to explore the world well into […]

TRX Workout: Chest, Back, Core

TRX Strength: Chest, Back, Core

Workout motivation is an interesting thing. There are times when I am so excited about my workouts that I jump out of bed in the morning excited to sweat! Then there are times where I wonder if someone else can do my workout for me. How cool would it be if that worked? No matter which camp you’re in, there’s […]

Can You Train for Running and Bikini Competitions?


I thought I had shared the last bikini competition video, but then I realized there was one question I hadn’t shared the answer to. So I’m back today with another one! I like to run and that doesn’t stop when I’m training for a bikini competition. With the right running focus, you don’t have to […]

Stronger at Home – Full Body Workout


Years ago, my strength workouts were done almost exclusively at home. With the majority of my training time dedicated to swim, bike, or run – strength training was often an afterthought. Getting in my car to hit the gym just wasn’t going to happen. This is a common scenario for many of my athletes, but […]

Is HIIT Cardio Required? {Bikini Comp Q+A}


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a popular training method, especially with bikini competitors you see online. Is HIIT the cardio method required for competing? That’s the question I’m tackling in today’s video – does my cardio training move to mainly HIIT as I get closer to a show? You know I love my running […]

Why I Am Postponing My Bikini Competition


The first 13 weeks of the year I focused on gaining muscle. I tackled my first bulking season, which a lot less fun than I expected. The last 7 weeks have been focused on leaning out and preparing for my 3rd bikini competition. Coming down from the heaviest I have ever been, traveling the most […]

Why Do I Compete? (Bikini Comp Q+A)

EatingPrep (1)

I love honest questions. They make me smile, because not everyone will ask them (even if many people are thinking it). Today’s question was submitted anonymously, but I just love that someone asked! Why Do You Compete – Is there a Cash Prize?

What Do You Eat During Prep? {Bikini Comp Q+A)


Do you know what the most common question I hear when training for bikini competitions is? Yep – it’s all about the food! I get so many questions about what I eat that I was surprised to only see this question come up once. Maybe I talked about my diet enough the last few years many […]

How Much do Bikini Competitions Cost?


It’s time to answer another reader about bikini competitions – the third in the series answering your questions! This week I’m answering Amy’s questions – two questions actually: do you really need a coach AND how much do bikini competitions cost? Check out the video to hear my answers on this topic: