A Mexican Farewell & Vegan Baking

What do you do when you house is half packed in boxes and you haven’t been home for over 24 hours in weeks?

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If you’re crazy like us, you invite all your friends over to the house for a party. It’s a good thing I have understanding friends, because this was far from my best party:

  • When guests arrived, we were still cooking – which meant the kitchen was a mess!
  • All the serving dishes were packed, so I was using things like food processor bowls to hold chips.
  • Boxes in the corners and sides of every room
  • And with the 100+ degree heatwave, the air conditioner couldn’t keep the house quite cool enough.

It’s a good thing I have some awesome & understanding friends who didn’t seem to mind the imperfections! Including these lovely ladies you all know: Lindsay, Tina, & Laura.


Even with the less-than-ideal party situation, it was a great evening of catching up with friends, margaritas, and sharing lots of food!! I was inspired by this queso recipe earlier in the week and decided on Mexican theme for the party. I didn’t actually sit down to plan the menu or shopping list until almost 11AM on Saturday morning, so we were more rushed than I like. You may have seen this photo on instagram this weekend:


Never ask me to plan how much food you should serve at a party – I am terrible at that! I planned queso, mexican dip, taco bar, and mexican chipotle chocolate bites (recipe below). I planned all the recipes for 40 people – I think I should have planned the dips for 10. You live and learn, right?

We served the queso & bean dip separately, but I also did a basic layer dip that turned out great (listed below from bottom to top):

  • rice
  • mexican dip
  • queso
  • guacamole

It was like a deconstructed burrito that you ate with a tortilla chip. It’s a great snack with some added Tabasco too!


IMG_9464  IMG_9468

Easy Vegan Baking

My favorite dish turned out to be the Mexican Chipotle Chocolate Bites. I found this recipe by googling for Mexican desserts. I thought this would be a good example of how easy vegan baking can be – even if you’re not comfortable making your own recipes. My favorite part of this particular recipe was the chipotle chile powder. The cookies taste normal when you first take a bite, but you taste the spicy kick at the back of your throat after you finish the bite. Yum!


  1. Start with the original recipe: http://www.bhg.com/recipe/cookies/mexican-chipotle-chocolate-bites/
  2. Replace each of the dairy ingredients with the non-dairy substitutes:
    • Mexican-style sweet chocolate or semisweet chocolate = 9 ounces vegan chocolate chips
    • whipping cream = coconut milk whipping cream. I used Katie’s recipe.
    • butter = non-dairy margarine
    • Shortening  = non hydrogenated vegetable shortening
    • cream cheese = non-dairy cream cheese
    • egg = Energ egg replacer
  3. Monitor baked goods while cooking. Altering ingredients may alter cooking time.

That’s all there is to it! I’ve had very good luck with substitutes so far, but I can’t guarantee it will always work. Special thanks to Tina & Kati who helped assemble the cookies when they arrived to the party. We were definitely behind schedule and your help was greatly appreciated!

And now we have plenty of leftovers to eat before we leave in a week. Anyone want to come over for Mexican?! 😉



Questions for you:

  • Any success stories (or failures) when you’ve tried substitutions when baking?
  • What is your favorite recipe you’ve made recently?

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  1. says

    It was a great party! I love that you guys are so willing to stop the packing to thrown down.

    Still sad I could eat the cookie,s but everything else was amazing. I have had really good luck with vegan baking too. I don’t know why people think it’s so complicated!

    P.S. Thanks again for the special tacos. :)

  2. says

    UM YES PLEASE!! I love Mexican!! And I totally and completely ALWAYS overdo it on the food at parties, for dinner, etc! I know I get that from my mom and grandma… Are yours like that?

    • says

      I usually love Mexican, although I think I’ll be avoiding it for the next week or so. There IS such a thing as too much.

      And my Mom definately overcooks too, I didn’t think of that!

  3. says

    Was thinking about you guys last night! What an amazing time, blessed indeed. So excited for you, this new journey. God is guiding you!

  4. says

    Substitutions…I’ve some success with substituting. It depends on the recipe. Replacing eggs in cookie & cake recipes is pretty easy, but there are some recipes (like quiche) where replacing the eggs just isn’t doable.

    My fave substitution is applesauce for oil in cake. I actually like it better with the applesauce, more moist than oil.

  5. says

    be right over, that dip sounds GOOOOOD.

    I always have too much food also – but then I get to send it home with people, right? :)

    enjoy your last week, hope it cools down for you!

    • says

      This is obviously a common problem – why aren’t there more tips on portion sizes for parties for all of us ladies who are terrible at estimating on our own?! 😉

  6. Kelly @ No Sugar Sweet Life says

    Party perfect! All that food sounded amazing :) Baking sub fails?! UM, yeaaaaaaaaaah. Just last weekend I tried making some lemon blueberry cookies. I substituted way too many things and they turned out terrible (ie. they became super fancy doggie treats). I guess my biggest lesson learned was to maybe substitute ONE thing in a baking recipe. Don’t try to sub everything all at once. But I couldn’t get past the 1 cup of butter and 1.5 cups of sugar. No can do for this girl!!

  7. Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says

    i’m going to miss you so much! :( but we’ll come visit FOR SURE! (actually, already looked at plane tickets!!)

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