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I almost started today’s post with “G’Day Mate”, but then I remembered that people in Sydney don’t actually say that. I know…I was disappointed too.

Something I have NOT been disappointed in has been the food. Some great choices to eat, even for those who aren’t as enamored with Vegemite as I am. A great example of that was Tuesday night’s dinner at Ad Lib Bistro.


Two weeks in a row where I haven’t really covered the monthly theme. Sorry Jenn, I hope you’ll forgive me!!

I was impressed from the start, as the wait staff did a great job caring for a huge table of at least 30 people. That’s never easy and they managed it with ease.

The restaurant created a small menu of options for our group, including at least one vegan option per course! We had given the restaurant a heads-up earlier in the day and they made sure there were options for me and the other vegetarians in our group.

For my appetizer, I chose the Potato, Leek and Truffle soup, which was so creamy & flavorful. It’s winter here, so this was a great way to warm up and get the meal started. I personally think truffle makes almost anything taste amazing and this soup was no exception to that rule.

Next up was a pasta dish overflowing with toppings, including spiralized zucchini, mushrooms, and microgreens. I know there was more to this, but the details of the dish escape me. I was having too much fun enjoying conversation and good wine to have written down the specifics.

Lastly, a special dessert to end the meal. I rarely find vegan-friendly desserts out at non-vegetarian restaurants, but the kitchen created this fruit & mango sorbet plate for me. The only problem was I had already eaten so much food I wasn’t able to finish it all! Not a bad problem to have, right?!

A wonderful evening at a great restaurant – certainly a place I would love to visit again on a future trip to the area. I’m really surprised to see that the overall rating on this restaurant is only 86%, it should be much higher!

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Questions for you:

  • What has been your favorite dish of the week so far?


    • says

      Oh yay! I’ve been craving veggies by dinner, since it’s been sandwiches at lunch. Veggie sandwiches, but still makes me crave veggie dinner. :)

      • says

        So true! I’ve definitely learned this as a gluten-free vegan & have had to let the waiter or chef know. Not always, but often, people will bend over backwards to make accommodations for special dietary needs. I’ve learned that I need to always be polite, clear, & confident when speaking with the people in charge of my food. I’m *usually* not disappointed!

  1. says

    Mmmmm everything looks phenomenal! I laughed so hard reading this —> I almost started today’s post with “G’Day Mate”, but then I remembered that people in Sydney don’t actually say that. I know…I was disappointed too.

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