Healthy Mocha Mousse {MMAZ #44}

One of the things that’s going to be tricky with my competition diet is the cook week of Meatless Mondays from A-Z. Eating specific amounts of protein, starch, & veggies at each meal makes recipes a little trickier than I’m used to. But this week, I figured it out!

Mocha Mousse Vegan Dessert

I enjoyed this for my final meal of the day, which is basically a healthy dessert. With veggies on the menu for all 7 meals, I needed something that would would disappear beneath the chocolate flavor. So I borrowed from my breakfast smoothies and mixed in spinach to cover my veggie needs for the meal.

Starting with Sarah’s recipe and made just a few changes:

  • Stevia for baking
  • 4 handfuls spinach
  • No chocolate chips

The full recipe makes 4 servings for me and was the best dessert I’ve enjoyed on the competition diet so far!

Mocha Mousse Vegan Dessert

Make sure you head over to Sarah’s blog to get the original Mocha Mousse recipe! If you’re not worried about the extra sugar, I wouldn’t definitely to stir in those chocolate chips!

And now it’s time to see what you cooked with Instant Coffee this week! As always, anyone is welcome to link up any meatless recipe they cooked with the ingredient this week. You can get all the details about the weekly challenge on the Meatless Mondays from A-Z page.




Questions for you:

  • Have you cooked much with stevia?
  • What was your favorite dessert from the past week?
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