Gear Up for Winter Running!

I may be taking a little break from running this month, but I know that many of you are not. It’s also that time of year when the temperatures are dropping and you might be thinking of heading to the treadmill instead of enjoying the outdoors. While I think the treadmill can be a great […]

Marine Corps Marathon Recap


This weekend I completed the Marine Corps Marathon – my 7th standalone marathon (8th including Ironman Austria or 9th including the Jed Smith 50K). It’s the first marathon I’ve done “for fun” and the most undertrained I’ve ever been for a race this distance. It was also, surprisingly, a lot of fun! We flew to […]

5 Tips for Marathon Week


It’s just a few days before my 8th marathon and I’m well into my marathon week routine. There are a lot of tips out there to get you ready for your big race, but today I’m going to share 5 of my tips that are part of every big race week. 1. Sports Chiropractor I […]

Fun Fact Friday–Running!

I’m praying hard and thinking positive to get through these last few weeks of running before the Marine Corps Marathon. I thought this fun running survey would be a good way to shift from away from “complaining Heather” earlier this week. Today is about the FUN of running! =) I saw this survey on Banana […]

I Hate Running

Me and running are on bad terms right now. I’m trying really hard to turn things around and be positive, but I’m not doing a very good job. In fact, I called Kirk during the final miles of my “long” run on Sunday…crying…and told him that very thing. In fact I finish too many of […]

Can You Run A Marathon For Fun?

Over the past few months, I’ve shared about my running struggles and the Marine Corps marathon several times (here, here, & here, for example). After our move to Colorado, I had a much harder time adjusting to the altitude and hills than I expected. Instead of a few bad runs, it’s been just a few […]

Color Me Rad 5K Recap


On Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to run a very unique 5k – Color Me Rad! I won an entry from Kelly and was excited to see what all the excitement was about. Kirk was intrigued enough that he came to spectate and run a few extra miles with me before the race. We […]

Denver Half Marathon Recap


This weekend was my first half marathon in Denver. It was also my second Rock n Roll Marathon Series event of the year! The first was the New Orleans Marathon in March (which I rocked with a 20 minute PR), this weekend was the Denver Half Marathon. I knew going into this race that it […]

Sarah’s Getting Her Run On


One more guest post to share with you this week! This time from the fabulous Sarah of The Smart Kitchen (yep, another friend I met at Blend!). I love her story today, so I’m trying hard not to steal her thunder — I’ll let her share why she’s posting here with you. Note: I know […]

Volunteering at Leadville Trail 100

Even if you don’t like to run, you have to be impressed with someone who runs 100 miles! And when they run 100 miles in the Colorado Rockies with elevations starting at 9200 feet and climbing to 12,600 feet, you might think they are a little crazy. And they are…but after volunteering for a few […]

Boobs and Battle Scars (Runner Chafing)

If you’ve done any long-distance running, you probably already know exactly what this post is really about. No one likes battle scars on their boobs! Note: I embellished the picture a bit this time, although I’ve had chafing wounds close to that several times in my running career, unfortunately. When I first started increasing my […]

Halfway Through Making the Cut

As you might remember, I started (sorta) following Making the Cut a few weeks ago to get my butt back in the gym, increase my metabolism, and try to drop some extra pounds I’ve picked up over the past few months. I’ve had a few questions about how things are going, so I thought a mid-point […]

Racing Toward Motivation


This probably shows just how Type A I really am, but one thing that helps me when I’m in need of motivation is to work on a race schedule. Races help me to stay motivated. Why? It’s a carrot to help get me out the door. I get out and train, so I can have […]

Consistency and Marine Corps Marathon Training

You might remember that I am currently “training” for the Marine Corps marathon, sorta. It’s been a few weeks since I talked much about that specifically, so I thought I’d share my progress today. My original plan was to just focus on building base for 4 weeks, an informal plan until I reached 12 weeks […]

5280: A Week of Altitude Behind Me + Underwearness 5K


I’m so sorry for my disappearing act last week. Obviously, moving takes a lot more time than I expected. There was certainly a reason I wanted our stuff delivered on Saturday, so the delay in delivery really caused a lot more work during the week than I originally expected. If we move again, I’ll know […]

5280: Running at Elevation Gets Real

I’ve had a few weeks of running at elevation, off an on as I’ve been traveling for work. Nothing longer than a week yet, but I thought I’d start sharing my thoughts as I transition from a sea-level runner to running in the mile-high city (5280 feet). Oh, and did I mention our house is […]

I’ve Got That Marathon Feeling…Sort Of

I was flipping through Runner’s World this weekend while sitting on the floor of our empty house in Atlanta and I noticed a chart of marathon training dates. It listed several Fall marathons and the suggested start date for training, using the typical 16 week training model. I was a little surprised when I saw […]

Running & Triathlon Strength: Take 2


Did you enjoy last week’s multisport specific training session? If so, you’re going to today’s session to give you some variety in your muscular endurance training! If not, you should head back over to the first circuit and give it a try. It’s a killer, fun workout! If not, you really should catch the multisport […]

Sport-Focused Strength: Running and Triathlon


If you’re a runner or a triathlete, what type of strength training routine do you follow? Most athletes realize that strength training is important for endurance athletes, whether they do it or not is another story. In addition to “fitting it in”, it’s also important to ensure that the exercises you choose are appropriate for the […]

Fun Fact Friday + Banjees Wrist Wallet Giveway!!

Today is a pretty exciting Friday around here! I have two treats for you – the second half of the Fun Fact Friday via video AND a chance to win your very own Banjees Wrist Wallet!! I’m hoping you’ll start by watching my latest video and learn more about me. And don’t forget to subscribe […]