Welcome to another wonderful What I Ate Wednesday!! This is the last Wednesday in April, so it’s our last week to focus on serve up an extra cup of veggies!!


Breakfast is always the more unusual meal to add veggies – right? You already know that I love to add veggies to a smoothie, but what are other ways to add veggies to breakfast? This week, I enjoyed a tofu scramble packed with veggie goodness!

Tofu scrambles are so easy and a great way to use veggies in a new way. Kind of like an omelet, but better! In this week’s scramble, I added spinach, red peppers, garlic, onions, & mushrooms. I may have also added a nice sprinkling of mozzarella Diaya cheeze.

Served with a slice of toast with almond butter and marmite, it was the perfect breakfast!

2012-04-24 07.33.45


I’ll admit that I don’t have a picture of lunch. Because it was a mess for us to make (since I forgot the oven was broken until I prepped dinner for about an hour!) and it didn’t turn out near as pretty as it should. Suffice it to say, I never took pictures of dinner, or yesterday when I enjoyed it for lunch. But please check out these gorgeous photos and great recipe for Rustic Asparagus Quinoa Tart from Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes.


After work and before my workout, I had a snack of 3 dates, stuffed with almond butter, and topped with chia seeds. Excuse the recycled photo.


Snack time was followed by a 1:00 ride on the trainer, while catching up on my favorite Dr Who; we’re making good progress and in the middle of season 4. I think I might be a little disappointed when we are caught up and have to wait for a new episode each week (like everyone else).


My #PROOF for Tuesday


After our ride, I was really in the mood for an evening out. So we headed to the Mexican restaurant down the road, Chepe’s Mexican. I enjoyed an evening hanging with my hubby and noshing on some yummy food.

What about the veggies in this dinner? How about the tomatoes in salsa? Well, fruit is almost a veggie, right? They have a warm roasted tomato salsa that is really the best salsa ever!


Followed by veggie fajitas – check out the grilled tomatoes, peppers, spinach , & onions in this delicious plate. Hmmm, we are growing all of those in the garden. Guess I like that combo. Topped with fresh diced onions, tomatoes, and guacamole – it was exactly what I was in the mood for!


All washed down with a margarita, of course!


That, my friends, is WIAW – a great day of food in my humble opinion.


Questions for you:

  • What is your favorite dinner spot when you’re ready for a quick, low-key dinner out?
  • What was your #PROOF yesterday?
  • Have you watched Dr. Who yet? Seriously, you HAVE to!! 😉

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  1. says

    Is it weird to say my favorite dinner spot might be WholeFoods? Although I wish they had better lighting in the cafe area, I love that everyone can get something that they want and I know exactly what is in my food.

    Obviously there are lots of other yummy places in Charlottesville, but…

    I also love the look of those grilled veggies! I wish I had the space to plant a vegetable garden. Guess I’ll have to drive home to PA and steal from the prolific plantings of my father.

  2. says

    Quick and low key = Taqueria del Sol, every time. Pro tip for skipping the long lines: Head straight to the bar. If the bar is full, ask to be put on a waiting list for seats. Almost every time we’re seated within 5 minutes, even with a line out the door.

  3. Ashley @ Freckles and Spice says

    Ive been wanting to watch dr who!
    The bf and I always do sushi for our chill nights out

    • says

      It’s awesome – stream it for free on Amazon Prime (if you’re a member). I recommend starting with “Blink”, it’s the episode that got us hooked. :)

      I had sushi tonight – yum!!

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