WIAW from Atlanta to New Orleans

Are you loving What I Ate Wednesday as much as I am? Last month, Jenn was all about the Veggie love. This month, What I ate Wednesday GOES GREEN!!

030112 - Tap & NOLA Marathon Prep1-1

1 – Breakfast Burrito with Tater Tots and BBQ sauce from 13 Restaurant & Bar :: 2 –  Ssambap (lettuce wraps) from Wandering Buddha :: 3 – Bibimbap from Wandering Buddha :: 4 – Eggplant and Daiya Cheese Rolls from Tap :: 5 – Portabello Sandwich from Tap :: 6 – Massaman Curry Seitan from Tap


Two of these restaurants are from marathon day (Sunday) in New Orleans and one is a local Atlanta joint.

13 Restaurant & Bar



My first post-marathon treat was at 13 Restaurant & Bar. Just a short walk from the hotel, we walked into 13 and immediately ordered two spicy Bloody Marys. Remember to order these without worchestershire & Guinness to make it vegan-friendly.

The regular brunch chef had an unexpected trip to the hospital, so we ordered off the normal menu instead. They were actually out of hash browns, so our waiter/bartender suggested tater tots instead. I asked them to throw in some of the BBQ sauce and voilà– deliciousness in a wrap. It did need a little green, so I grabbed some greens from Kirk’s plate to add to the mix. Yummy stuff here – the menu was very vegan-friendly, so many options to choose from!


13 Bar & Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Wandering Buddha



After wandering the city for a few hours and relaxing at the hotel, we found some room in our stomachs for dinner. The Wandering Buddha was recommended by a friend after our first Korean BBQ experience a few weeks ago. Another hole-in-the wall sharing space with a bar, we were prepared this time and walked in like old pros!

Another all-vegan restaurant, but this time with delicious Korean treats. The owner explained that the food was inspired by his girlfriend’s mother (who is vegan), who is from a Buddhist province in Korea. After asking for suggestions, we ordered Soju (think Korean Sake), Ssambap, and Bibimbap. I kept forgetting to take pics until we had started eating, so excuse the mediocre photos. This was delicious and unique, if you enjoy Korean food or are ready to give it a try – I highly recommend The Wandering Buddha!


The Wandering Buddha (Hi-Ho Lounge) on Urbanspoon




Before the race (last Thursday), Laura and I met up for a celebratory dinner at Tap in Atlanta. What were we celebrating? The completion of her 21 day cleanse – which included no alcohol – and the start of her Vegan Challenge!

Tap has recently updated their menu to include many vegan options and the selection was fantastic! We started with the Eggplant and Daiya Cheese Rolls (yum!), which were very flavorful. I ordered the Massaman Curry Seitan, even after the waitress said it wasn’t her thing. I’m so excited I went against her advice this time – it was fantastic! The texture of the seitan was perfect, it was torn instead of sliced and had a very chicken-y texture, but a much better flavor! It was a sweet curry, but the flavors were nicely balanced and I ate way too much of it. Laura had the Portabello Sandwich, which was good, but covered in too much sauce. There were several other options on the menu to try and a great beer selection, so I will be back!


TAP on Urbanspoon


Looking over this week’s pictures, I realized that my photographed food is way less green than normal. I think it’s time for a green challenge of my own, I need more green in my life again! Expect to see a much greener post next Wednesday. Until then, make sure you head over to Peas & Crayons to check out a few more inspiring WIAW posts of the week!


Questions for you:

  • How is your green food intake recently? Are you doing a great job getting lots of green in your days or is it time to focus on more green?
  • Do you eat different foods for breakfast vs brunch? I think my tastes are fairly similar between the two – although brunch seems to include an adult beverage.
  • Any tips on remembering to photograph before you eat when you’re hungry? :)


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  1. says

    i owe you an overdue congrats on your race!!! you totally rocked it – sub 4 hours – WOW! i usually do a pretty good job of getting greens into my diet… if i’m starving, photographing food can be sparse. :)
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…Itz WIAW!My Profile

    • says

      Thanks Linz!! I think the more I eat out (like this past week), the less greens I get – I need to start ordering an extra veggie or something. :)

    • says

      Travel food rocks – especially with so many delicious restaurants to choose from! We do need a return trip to Tap – I think there were a few other options we didn’t try either… :)

        • says

          I did! I thought it was cool she went to different places than we did – although it looks like she had planned to try Wandering Buddha and just didn’t make it. There are actually lots of places like that in Atlanta that I haven’t been yet, we just need to try them!!

  2. says

    Those all look good! I lived in New Orleans for a few years and never went to any of those restaurants. I guess I was missing out! I only remember to take photos of my food before I have started eating it about half the time. Usually it’s photos of half eaten food. Or empty plates.
    Travel Spot recently posted…WIAW (1) & Meal BudgetingMy Profile

    • says

      I think NOLA would be like Atlanta – so many choices, it’s impossible to hit them all! I’m glad I’m not the only one who focuses too much on the food and forgets pics sometimes. Maybe I should write it on my hand!

  3. says

    How am I not in on this WIAW goes green? ha ha. Um, I would like to come to Atlanta and go out to eat with you. I also finally got to read your marathon recap. You are AWESOME. That’s cool that you got ot see Kirk so many times. Thanks for letting Flat Kitty make an appearance too! What a lucky guy! Congrats again! You should be so proud!
    STUFT Mama recently posted…Gluten Free Peanut Butter Doughtzel BallsMy Profile

    • says

      Seriously – with all your green foods, the post practically writes itself! And you can come eat with me anytime – you need to race on the east coast anyway, right? :)

      Thanks for the kind words about the marathon – I am VERY proud and planning my next long distance race. I’ve got MCM in october, but not sure I’m going to wait that long..we’ll see!

    • says

      It was a fun weekend, it felt like vacation even if it was short! I’m always surprised that curry isn’t always vegan, although I say that with a lot of foods. :)

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