Weekend Wedding at Jekyll Island

Last weekend, Kirk and I headed to the East Coast for the wedding of some friends. Scott & Joanna tied the knot on Jekyll Island, an small island near Savannah in Georgia. Kirk has known the groom since high school, I have known him since college, and we’ve both known the bride for several years.

The timing of this trip wasn’t ideal with competition prep, but that doesn’t mean I let that stand in my way. I adjusted my nutrition plan to make sure I had airport security approved foods when we would be in the air, with other options packed in our checked luggage.

If it's important to you, you will find a way.

With that detail out of the way, it was time to enjoy our short time at Jekyll Island. While we didn’t have much “free time”, the couple chose a gorgeous location for the event. The chapel where the ceremony took place was a small, beautiful, old church. I admit I spent part of the service admiring the architecture, as well as watching them exchange their vows.

Jekyll Island

After the service, we had some time to wander around the grounds before heading to the reception. As you may have seen on facebook and instagram, the grounds were covered in huge oak trees covered in irish moss. It was a great place to just enjoy the scenery and take lots of photos. This was one of those times I really appreciated that Kirk enjoys taking pictures almost as much as me!

Formal Wedding Wear


Did you recognize the shoes? When I packed my outfit for the wedding, I realized that the best shoes for this dress were actually my competition heels. As crazy as that sounds, I decided it would be a great opportunity to get more comfortable in the 5 inch heels. Although my feet were tired by the end of the evening, it was great for my confidence that I made it the whole day without tripping and falling. That bodes well for the stage!

The reception was lovely, although I am not used to bugs after living in Colorado. I forgot how annoying those darn gnats are! I planned the reception dinner as my cheat meal & drink for the week & it was fantastic! Shrimp & Grits, mashed potatoes, green beans, and some cream-stuffed pastry. Probably one of the most sinful meals of prep, but that is kind of the point of a cheat. :) I admit I would have loved to enjoy a few of the specialty cocktails, but I kept it clean and just had a glass of wine.


On Sunday we had a quick lunch with a friend in Jacksonville, before starting our trip back across the country to come home to Colorado. It did make for a tiring weekend, but it was absolutely worth it to celebrate the marriage of our friends!


Questions for you:

  • Where was the last wedding that you attended?
  • Do you prefer casual or formal weddings? Kirk and I love formal – our own wedding was black tie optional.

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  1. Lee says

    Mine was black tie optional too ,though that was more of my parents preference than mine. I would have been fine with just cocktail attire (which is what most people wore anyway.)
    Lee recently posted…The First PinMy Profile

    • says

      I don’t think it’s comment anymore many places, but I am a sucker for the fancy. I always think it would have been fun to live in the times where you got really dressed up mor eoften. Like downton abby.

  2. Denise G. says

    The last wedding I attended was my own! About 2 weeks ago now. We wanted something fairly casual – but I was warned against using that word. So our coordinator coined it “simple, yet elegant”. We had it at a local air museum where I took my now husband on a date early in our relationship. He loves the place and we knew it would be unique to have a reception surrounded by airplanes in a hangar. We paid for taco man type catering. Everyone said they loved that idea, and it was much better than your typical chicken or steak dishes at most weddings. It was perfect for us and it turned out great with our very limited budget.

    I’ve never been to a black tie affair actually.

    • says

      Congratulations!! I love being married, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Your wedding sounds beautiful and I love that you had a taco man. That is so unique and I bet your guests will remember that for years to come!!

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