Weekend Recap and SEC Championship Day!

Sorry for the late post today – but it’s already been a busy weekend around here! After last night’s fantastic 5-course tasting dinner at Woodfire Grill (all the details and pictures in an upcoming post), we were in bed late last night. So, we slept in and relaxed before heading out for our weekend runs. I had a 16 miler today and Kirk ran the first 12 with me. Those last 2 miles were tough, but I made it through okay. This is always the first mileage when I realize I’m really training for a marathon again.

Now we’re headed off to watch the Dawgs play the Tigers in the SEC Championship. I don’t really expect the Dawgs to win today, but I’d like them to put up a good fight. :)

Any fun plans for your weekend or are you just taking some time to relax?

Weekend Recap

Now it’s time for a recap of the last week’s posts, just in case you missed something!

1. Monday: Decking the Halls with Chocolate Chip Apple Pancakes A great way to celebrate the Christmas season is with a pile of Chocolate Chip Apple pancakes overflowing with whipped cream. Make sure you mark check out this yummy recipe!


2. Tuesday: Tuesday Training: 4 Things I Learned From Hot Yoga Have you tried Hot Yoga yet? This was a new style to me that I am hooked on after 3 classes in November. Find out some of the things I learned from Hot Yoga.

Hot yoga burns fat, inches in Boise

3. Wednesday: What I Ate Wednesday – Birthday Edition! My birthday was Tuesday, which means this week’s What I Ate Wednesday is all about the food I enjoyed on my birthday – including a review of R Thomas Deluxe Grill in Atlanta.


4. Thursday: 30 Days of Yoga Challenge – DONE! I’ve talked about the 30 Days of Yoga Challenge a few times in November – come read about my thoughts now that I finished all 30 days with at least 20 minutes each day (including 2 – 60 minute sessions & 3 – 90 minute sessions). Yay me! :)



5. Friday: Guest Post: Making an Easy Dinner That Fits Your Caloric Needs And finally, Melissa guest posts and shares her tips on making a superfood rich dinner that fits your caloric needs.


Now we’re off to the game! If you don’t already have a team to cheer for today, I hope you’ll join me in yelling GO DAWGS!!

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  1. says

    Yay for Saturday long runs! Nice job! I am scaling back a bit over the next few weeks but plan to ramp it back up in January for a March half.

    Oh and I had to tell you- I am going to hot yoga tomorrow ~AHHH!!! Wish me luck!

      • says

        It was great! I made it through the whole class just fine, despite having to sit out of dancer (which stinks cause I enjoy that pose) because I got really light headed. I will definitely go again!

        • says

          Awesome job Christie! I’m so glad you had a good experience too!! I’m actually getting ready to head to the gym and try the Sunday afternoon Hot Yoga class – hoping to reclaim Mondays as my off day. :)

  2. says

    Sounds like a busy weekend! I’m looking forward to the re-cap of the Woodfire Grill :)

    My weekend? Relaxing, housework, and homework. Hopefully Christmas shopping with a friend tomorrow…then more homework 😛 Have fun at the game!!

    • says

      Busy, but good! Too bad my football team didn’t finish strong at the game yesterday, but it was still fun. :) Hope you get a chance to take a break from homework for shopping!

    • says

      I know they have Hot Yoga classes you can download online, if you could crank up the heat (and/or use space heaters) at home. I don’t think Woodfire grill has another location, but I could be wrong. :)

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