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Some people have strong feelings about meatloaf. Your mom made the perfect recipe growing up and anything else is second best. Or, your mom forced you to eat “mystery loaf” and you avoided that dinner at all costs. Me? I don’t really remember a lot of meatloaf at home, so it’s not a meal I seek out or avoid.

Knowing how polarizing meatloaf can be, I took a risk cooking this the night that company was coming over. To be honest, we were originally having them over last week (for chili & potato salad), but when schedules changed I didn’t adjust adjust my meal plan. The Recipe: Meatloaf Remixed, created by Allison Rivers Samson and originally published in her VegNews Magazine column, “VeganizeIt!”.

I took advantage of Julia’s advice from cooking this meal last week and actually did most of the work the night before. Before diving into the recipe, I cooked the lentils and did other things around the house. Once that was prepared, I started the rice and got the chopping, mixing, and sautéing completed (steps 1 & 2). By the time I hit step 3, the rice was ready and everything went into the food processor.

My favorite part of meatloaf? Sticking your hands in the mix and getting dirty! From here it was quick and easy – layering half the mix into the loaf pan, covering with half the sauce, and repeat. Completely done (except for the cooking), I put the pan into the fridge overnight.

Coming home from work on Monday, it was as easy as putting the pan into the oven – it’s like I didn’t even cook! That, of course, left me time to whip up the Chocolate Chip Cookies we served for dessert.

IMG_5992    IMG_6000

I served the meatloaf with a big green salad and two types of potato salad (American & German – can you say leftovers?!).

How did it taste? Everyone loved it – although you aren’t going to fool anyone into thinking this is actually meat. The texture was what I wanted from a meatloaf stand-in, soft but dense. The slices held together quite well and the sauce on top was excellent (not too tomato-y). Leftovers today were equally delicious, which is always a good test for dinners in our house.

Question of the Day – What was your favorite comfort food as a kid? Have you been able to re-create it as an adult as good as Mom’s recipe?

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    • Heather says

      Cauliflower cheeze, that sounds interesting! Is that similar to adding cheeze to the top of broccoli or something different?

  1. says

    Unfortunately most of the dishes my mom made over and over were meat or cheese dishes that just don’t translate, but we did eat a lot of vegetables and I still make her basil-walnut green beans all the time!

    • Heather says

      Interesting, I’ve been surprised how many meat/cheese dishes I’ve been able to find tasty substitutes for. What was your favorite you haven’t been able to “veganize”?

      Basil-Walnut sounds like a great combination for green beans – yum!


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