VeganizeIt! Cream of Broccoli Soup {VeganMoFo}


My favorite time to enjoy a big mug of soup is when I’m getting a cold – or trying to get over a cold. Lucky for me, I made this soup earlier this week. Unlucky for me, I am actually fighting a cold – darn! So while I load up on Vitamin C, I am enjoying this veggie-loaded Cream of Broccoli Soup, created by Allison Rivers Samson and originally published in her VegNews Magazine column, “VeganizeIt!”.

Unless you forgot to get cauliflower at the store and have to run out to get that – this is a really quick recipe to make! :) My blender had no problem pulverizing the cashews to make the soup base. Remember to use both the stems and the florets from the broccoli, because you will want to keep the florets out of the soup until the end (so the soup doesn’t turn green). I actually love broccoli stems, but many people don’t use them in cooking. The full broccoli with stems attached is usually cheaper at the store, so this is a great way to stretch your dollars in many recipes!

I don’t have an immersion blender, so I transferred the soup in batches to my regular blender. If you’re using that technique, remember to remove the center from the top and cover with a dishtowel. If you try to blend hot soup in your blender with the top completely sealed, you’ll have a mess to clean up when the heat pushes the top off and liquid sprays all over your kitchen!

After creaming in the blender, I added the broccoli florets and cooked for another 10 minutes (a little longer than the directions).


At that’s it – 6 generous portions of soup are ready for your enjoyment! It’s a wonderful thick soup, very filling and satisfying. I probably could have cut the broccoli florets into slightly smaller pieces, but not a big deal. :)



Question of the Day – What is your favorite kind of soup? Do you have any “magic” cold remedies that I should know about? :)

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  1. Malinda says

    Take as much Vitamin C as you can-I’ve read 1000mg /hour, or until tummy intolerance. I take 1000mg 3x day after meals and that seems to fight it off pretty well. The soup looks yummy!!!

    • Heather says

      I’ve had about 6000mg today – I’m still nervous about taking so much. I did read some places you should take even more, but I just wasn’t sure. Have you tried the super-high mg yet?

  2. says

    Aw, sorry to hear about your cold. Good timing on the soup though! It looks gorgeous and yummy.

    I’m a big fan of plain ol’ miso soup when I’m sick, with maybe some shredded swiss chard mixed in and some sort of effortless protein like cubed tofu or soy curls if I’m feeling extra fancy.

    • Heather says

      Miso soup was on the menu for tonight, but I think the combo of massive Vitamin C + lots of veggies yesterday really did help. I usually feel worse the second day of a cold and I feel surprisingly good! I haven’t had an opportunity to try soy curls yet – need to find those!

    • Heather says

      Ginger & garlic? That’s a new recommendation to me! Do you just add extra to your meals or eat them straight? Lots of water is definitely on my list!

  3. says

    I LOVE broccoli soup! Would never have thought to use cashews to make it creamy.

    I realise this is an old post and you’re probably no longer fighting a cold, but my magic remedy is a clove of garlic, 1 T of raw or manuka honey (molasses if you’re opposed to eating honey), 1 T of apple cider vinegar and the juice of half a lemon. Sounds gross, but works like a charm, especially effective in getting rid of a fever.
    Nada (One Arab Vegan) recently posted…Vegan MoFo #19: Lebanese Potatoes with Garlic and CorianderMy Profile

    • says

      I am learning that cashews are one of my favorite nuts – they make such creamy sauces, cheeses, cream cheese – it’s crazy! I’ll have to try your magic remedy next time I’m under the weather, that’s a new one to me. I think the vitamin C really helped too.


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