Veganize It! Hold the Tuna Sandwich {VeganMoFo}


As a newbie in the “vegan eating world” – I am still amazed at how seemingly random ingredients come together to make a meaty flavor. This was the biggest shocker for me yet!

It’s starting to seem somewhat normal that nuts make cheese flavors, but fish is not a flavor I expected to replicate. Truth be told – this is not even a recipe I would typically pick – I’m was never a huge fan of cooked fish in any form.

Today, I became a BIG fan of the flavor. From my perspective, this is better than the original tuna salad sandwich. This recipe, playfully titled Hold The Tuna, was created by Allison Rivers Samson, originally published in her VegNews Magazine column, “VeganizeIt!”.

I made these sandwiches last night and they came together in less than 30 minutes. This was especially appreciated since it was about 10PM before I had a chance to prepare them! :)

Preparation was a snap, the most time was spent on me smashing the chickpeas. A little chopping and mixing later, tuna salad emerged. As I taste-tested these I was SHOCKED – how could this be? The flavor is rich and has that just-fishy flavor of tuna (the Nori Flakes must pass on that flavor).


As I was enjoying this at lunch today, I tried to explain to my non-veggie co-workers what I was eating and definitely got some strange looks. I guess they still can’t picture how veggies & spices come together to form fishy flavors – maybe I’ll share a bite with them sometime. Not today – this was ALL mine!




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