Vega Sport Review & Giveaway!!

A few months ago, Vega sent me a sample pack of their new Vega Sport like to test out and review. The box itself was pretty creative – opening to review tons of goodies when you removed the top!


There was a little bit of everything in this box, from pre-workout to recovery. I was really excited to give it a try during my training. I had been in the market for a new nutrition system one that would sit a little better in my stomach. Vega is 100% plant-based and all-natural, which fits in perfectly with my food philosophy.

Keep reading – there’s an awesome Vega Giveaway at the end of today’s review!!

Pre-Workout Energizer

According to the product information, the pre-workout energizer has three main benefits:

  • Provide immediate and sustained energy
  • Increase endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Enhance mental focus and recovery

All I know is this stuff gives me a good burst of energy and my long runs just feel better when I have a serving about 20 minutes before I start. It doesn’t look pretty in a glass, but it mixes up pretty well in a water bottle and tastes okay. There are two flavors: lemon-lime & acai berry. I don’t really like lemon-lime flavors in general, but the acai berry takes decent.


I love this product and have bought a tub of my own after finishing the samples. I used this before my 10K in December (where I PR’d) and this weekend’s 50K. The tub isn’t cheap, but at just one scoop per serving & 30 servings per container, it will last me a while.

Endurance Gels

If I could only buy one Vega Sport product, this would be the one! Reading the ingredients is so much better than most other gels – you actually recognize the ingredients! I’m trying to avoid fructose, maltodextrin, and similar ingredients, as they can upset your stomach (and I don’t need that).


The Orange-Zest is my favorite, but the Raspberry is also good. I love that these gels have a little texture (I think from the dates), instead of just being that thick goopy gel consistency. Kirk doesn’t like the texture like I do, so it’s personal preference.

I used these gels for my race this weekend, taking one every 4.5 – 5 miles.

Electrolyte Hydrator

The electrolyte hydrator is the same concept as Nuun – no calories, just electrolytes. I originally tried this out at my December 10K and thought it was a bit sweet. As usual I liked the pom-berry flavor and not the lemon-lime; I think this really is a flavor preference.

IMG_71202012-01-05 18.12.23

I brought a few of these packets to the race this weekend and was glad I did. When the weather started warming up, I added these to my water bottles to top off the electrolytes.

Endurance Bar

The endurance bars are unattractive and closer in texture a PowerBar, but certainly more texture. They taste very natural, certainly not a sugary-sweet bar, but not a bad flavor.

2012-01-05 16.26.48

I’ve had these as a snack at work, while riding the bike, and after a run – they do the trick in all three situations. I’d like to try these out a little more – I’m thinking these and the electrolyte hydrator might work well on longer bike rides.


Performance Protein

The performance protein is a great mix of high-quality protein (yellow pea, savisead sachi inchi, sprouted whole grain brown rice, hemp, & alfalfa proteins) and very little else – which I like. The chocolate is my favorite flavor and tastes great in my post-run smoothies. We compared Vega to our other favorite protein and it blends a little better in water or almond-milk, if you like that sort of thing (I don’t – I just like mind in smoothies).

Recovery Accelerator

The Recovery Accelerator is intended to help your body recharge immediately after workouts:

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator also features a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, a combination shown to increase muscle glycogen re-synthesis—a crucial component of post-workout recovery.

I really liked the Apple-Berry flavor, very smooth and tasty! I was impressed how easily this one mixed with water. To be honest, I can’t afford to add this and protein to my post-workout routine, so I choose to make recovery shakes with the protein instead.


Protein Bar

And finally, the protein bars – delicious! The Chocolate Coconut was my favorite and I honestly wished I had more in the same pack, they were great treats. :) I guess I ate these up so quickly I didn’t capture a picture of this one.



After sampling the Vega Sport line, I’ve purchased several of these for as part of my normal nutrition: pre-workout energizer, endurance gels, electrolyte hydrator, and endurance bars. I love the Vega products and recommend them to everyone! Even if you don’t eat a plant-based diet, they are all-natural and clean products that are excellent fuel for endurance athletes!


Vega Giveaway Time!!

Now that I’ve told you how much I love Vega, it’s your turn to give them a try! Vega is offering one lucky winner a tub of the Pre-Workout Energizer (your choice of flavor!) – one of their most popular Vega Sport products and one that I personally use before my long workouts too!

Follow the directions on the widget below to enter:

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Congratulations to Stefanie @ TheNewHealthy!! Contact me with your address & desired flavor of Pre-Workout Energizer so you can give this awesome Vega Sport product a try!!

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  1. says

    You’ve got me curious about the Vega protein powder now! :)

    FYI – My Cookie Underground giveaway is up today. They aren’t for the vegan cookies… but you can give them to a fellow veggie lover. Like me. LOL!

  2. Melody says

    I actually like the lemon-lime hydrator. The gels do need a warning that there’s texture- almost like a chia seed combined with a strawberry seed. Expensive, but the protein bars are by far the best. Working on my nutrition since coach has such a problem with fuel- don’t want that issue, either!

  3. Mary says

    I loved this product! Right now I get though workouts by the promises I make to myself for what I am going to do after-such as coffee in the mornings!

  4. says

    this is a great giveaway! i just keep up my energy by making sure to drink lots of water and stretch afterwards since my legs arent the strongest!
    Rachael recently posted…Couch to 5KMy Profile

  5. says

    Making sure I’m well-hydrated and have a good source of energy from a pre-workout meal/snack (dates are really fun to pop before a workout!) are important to me. A solid meal about half an hour after – just kale and tempeh could do the trick for me – keeps me going strong. I LOVE Vega’s Whole Food Optimizer powder, use it every day in a smoothie. I definitely need to jump on the bandwagon and try out more of the workout products!

  6. Jamessina says

    I am in awe of the Pre workout energizer- never had I had such an intense workout than when I use it. Great review, thanks for sharing!

  7. billiejean says

    Hi! 😀
    I’m a runner and love (almost) everything about it! Especially the fueling aspect, but more the running. I always make sure that I have eaten a meal within two hours of a run if it’s short like 3.5 miles, and if it’s longer i’ll grab a homemade muffin and some vitamin water or life water, wait a little while I warm up, then BOLT! I’ve never done any distance over 8 miles…YET, so I don’t really think about gels, or carrying any type of fuel… After though, if I’m feeling alright and have no tummy ache, then I will mix up some warmed nut butter and mix it with a perfectly ripe banana and put it on a rice cake or on a toasted tortilla<– AWWsommme. I wish I could afford something like Vega, (I can barely afford my running gear!) but EVENTUALLY!

  8. bobby daniel says

    I got the new Vega Sport sampler pack.
    And the pre work-out enegizer was great. Could use a whole tub.

  9. Push Harder says

    100% my new fav product! I’m on fire with the energizer powder without the crash that most products on the market give you. A healthy high to add to the natural euphoria of training.

    Thanks Vegan Sport!