Big, Giant 3 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

Big, Giant Anniversary Giveaway //

This is anniversary week around here! It was the week after our 10th wedding anniversary that I decided to start a blog. 3 years later, there have been some big changes (the biggest being the rebranding to FITaspire from Better With Veggies) and I’m so grateful that all of you are still here supporting my […]

CoSchedule Social Editorial Calendar Review


With vacation just a week away, one of things I have to consider is this blog. Do I plan a number of guest posts while I’m away or prewrite posts to share with you? In either case, how do I avoid having to check in and promote the posts on social media? While weighing my […]

Accepting the #Octoblog Challenge

It’s probably a little crazy to be taking on ANOTHER challenge right now, but Katy Widrick is hosting another blog challenge and I just couldn’t resist. I joined the fun back in February and completed about half of what I planned. This is one of those cases where every little bit counts and I was […]

It’s time to #Blend2013 with Vega!!

Today is going to be a great day! Why? It’s the day I head to Utah for Blend 2013 – the event I’ve been looking forward to since the end of Blend 2012! If you think I’m exaggerating, you weren’t at Blend last year. My suitcase is (over)packed with cute & casual outfits (many that […]

Your Turn: You Talk, I’ll Listen

Today marks 12 days straight of work – you might say I’m ready for the weekend! Especially because this weekend we are celebrating Kirk’s birthday and Valentine’s Day! We’re a little late, but better late than never. So excited! But before we start the weekend, I’m hoping you’ll help me with something. I really want […]

February Fun: 28-Day Blog Challenge

The beginning of a new month is a fun type to set goals, right?! This month I’m setting goals a little differently than normal, because I’m joining Katy’s 28-Day Blog Challenge. I’ve been making a few changes over the past month that you may or may not have noticed, but when Katy announced this blog […]

GoodBelly Happy Hour Extravaganza

On Wednesday night, I joined some of my Blends (Blogger + Friends) in Boulder for a Happy Hour hosted by GoodBelly! In case you don’t know Colorado geography (which I didn’t, until recently), I work south of the city & Boulder is north of the city. Although Denver traffic is not as bad as Atlanta […]

11 Questions – Things You May Not Know About Me!


Last week, my friend Laura from Sprint 2 the Table tagged me in a post about 11 questions. I think these types of posts are so much fun, because you get to learn more about people! So without further ado, let’s get started!! The rules: You must post these rules Each person must post 11 […]

FoodBlogSouth2012: Food, Blogging, & New Friends


This weekend I attended my first blogging conference. It was a very busy, action packed weekend including: eating, drinking, learning, talking, and laughing. I think any weekend with that description is a good one, don’t you agree? I didn’t take as many pictures as I planned, honestly – too busy talking, I guess, but hopefully […]