VIP Coaching for Running 

The custom solution to your training needs. 

Do you want to get faster? Chasing a new PR this season? Are you dreaming of a new distance this season?

Take the guesswork out of training with our comprehensive training plans. Our expert coaches will create a plan specifically for you, designed to reach your goals faster and with less injuries. Our approach includes everything you need for a complete training plan -- detailed running workouts, training paces for each run, strength training to increase your performance and prevent injuries, race strategies, dynamic warm-ups, & stretching routines.

We also offer nutrition coaching options, including metabolic efficiency to help develop your body's ability to burn more fat than carbs during training, racing (and rest). ​

No obligation call. 30-day, money-back guarantee!

Why Work with a Coach?

Is this for you?

  • Have a race goal that motives you.
  • Would like a custom training plan created just for you
  • Interested in support + accountability
  • Ready to put in work to reach your goals!

What's included?

  • Personal coaching calls (frequency based on plan)
  • Goal planning & periodization with Annual Training Plan (ATP)
  • Custom training plan created for you
  • Strength training workouts created for your goals & limiters. 
  • Email and/or phone support
  • Updates to training schedule (frequency based on plan)
  • Training review & feedback from coach

How it Works!

  • Kickoff call to plan goals and ATP
  • Custom training plan created for you
  • Training delivered in Premium TrainingPeaks account
  • Log your training after each workout
  • Receive feedback via email and/or phone on completed training
  • Training plan created and released weekly or monthly (frequency based on plan)

What VIP Coaching Athletes are Saying:


I absolutely cannot recommend a better coach than Heather. Her coaching style is very intuitive; she is great at putting together a manageable plan that is challenging without being overwhelming and one that works within your schedule. She took into account my current fitness level and abilities as well as my schedule and gave me a personalized plan that pushes me to be a better runner.  If you’re looking for a great running coach, Heather is absolutely the best option if you want individualized training and the support of a great coach along the way.

My performance significantly improved since beginning training with Heather. I got a nearly 6 minute PR, which was only possible do to the tough treadmill training workouts. The course that I recently raced was hillier than I expected, but I was strong enough to push through all the hills and come out 3rd in my age/gender division and with the 6 minute PR! Thanks Heather!


VIP Coaching Packages

Plan Only

Self-Guided Option

Custom Training Plan

TrainingPeaks Standard

Kickoff Questionnaire

Strength Training Option

Training Feedback: None or Upgrade

$47 / 4-weeks

8 week minimum


Most Popular!

Custom Training Plan

TrainingPeaks Premium

Kickoff Coaching Call

Goal Planning & ATP

Communication: 4 Emails + 1 Call Monthly

Schedule: Monthly + 1 Change​

Training Feedback: Weekly​

$199 / month

plus $99 start-up

Money-Back Guarantee!


Premium Service

Custom Training Plan

TrainingPeaks Premium

Kickoff Coaching Call

Goal Planning & ATP

Communication: Unlimited + Weekly Call

Schedule: Weekly + 1 Change​

Training Feedback: Weekly​ or Upon Request

$349 / month

plus $99 start-up

No credit card required.

VIP Nutrition Options

Available with Silver or Gold Coaching Packages


Self-Guided Nutrition

Basic Nutrition Plan

Daily Nutrition Lessons

12-month body transformation program

Progress tracking within nutrition platform

Communication: None; Self-guided option

$37 / month


Coach-led Metabolic Efficiency

Customized Nutrition Plan

Daily Nutrition Lessons

Baseline Nutrition Assessments

Baseline Lab Testing (optional; lab fees not included)

Metabolic Efficiency for fat adaptation in training and racing

12-month body transformation program

Progress tracking within nutrition platform

Communication: Additional Coaching Call

Nutrition Feedback: Weekly​

$79/ month

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

Our goal is for every athlete we work with to be completely satisfied with the training plan create for you. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your program in the first 30 days (and you actually did the work) we will refund your money.

No worries. No hassles. Just GREAT coaching here.

Anna Running, Michigan

Before, I wouldn’t really know what workout to do when and I found scheduling that on top of my work, etc. to be stressful. Now, I just look at the calendar and do the workout. I know that it’s going to be a workout I can do (unlike cookie cutter plans that don’t adapt to my training) even if it’s a challenge. It’s not overwhelming for me.