Running and Football Saturday

Saturday started with an early wake-up call and a long run – typical Saturday morning routine for me. :) Things started out great, but about halfway through the 16 miles, my darn knee started hurting again. Dang – I thought we had this under control!

For those of you who don’t know, I had a little wreck on the bike at my Ironman in July.

My Knee, day after Ironman.

It actually doesn’t look too bad in that picture, right? After taking a few weeks off after the race, I started running again to maintain my base for marathon training. Unfortunately, I ignored the first signs of a problem and waited until I couldn’t run without pain to get myself to the doc.  After a few tries, we found that nerve release really relieved the pain and I was able to get back to my normal running routine.

I’m not sure if it’s the added volume of running (probably adding a few too many miles after the injury) or if there’s still something else going on, but I had to run/walk the last 8 miles or so yesterday. :( I ran when it wasn’t painful and walked when it was.

Putting that behind us – I made some yummy Fabulous French Toast for Kirk, Melody, & me. Kirk made us all Bloody Marys, while Melody was making Cake Pops to surprise Matt for his birthday.

Penn State Cake Pops

They didn’t come up quite as planned, but they tasted sinful and amazing. The cake inside the chocolate & sprinkle coating tasted like brownie batter to me, which is just the way I like my cake! Melody carried these into Famous Pub (a Penn State bar in Druid Hills) and we had many offers to take these off our hands. :)

It took a little longer than planned to finish the Cake Pops (which Melody did all herself, all I did was help with sprinkles), so we watched just a little over 1 quarter of that game. I ordered a Veggie Pizza with no cheese and added jalapeno & avocado. So good and a lot of food!

Other than snacking on some Pumpkin Spice Roasted Chickpeas I packed, this kept me full for the rest of the night! It was a really fun evening, lots of friends and fun. I love this picture that Matt snapped with his iPhone!

Melody & me @ Der Biergarten

My phone ran out of juice, so I didn’t capture any pictures of the game. It was fun to play in the Georgia Dome, but the evening ended disappointingly with a loss. :( I hope the UGA football season gets better from here!

This morning, I whipped up a quick breakfast to enjoy on the cool patio. Eggs (humane), leftover chickpeas, and Avocado Oil/Nutritional Yeast (“Nooch”) on Toast. I also had a glass of chocolate almond milk to wash it down. :)

Nooch on Toast, Eggs, & Roasted Chickpeas

Now I really should go pack – we’re heading down to my parent’s house in Callaway for the rest of the weekend. Hope you are having a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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  1. heather says

    I absolutely love reading your blog!!!! I have been trying to come up with a blog but never get around to it. Way to go on all your accomplishments.


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