Review: Vingenzos – Italian with Heart

Today is supposed to be all about training (Tuesday Training), but I’m diverging a bit this week. Instead, I’m featuring an Italian restaurant in Woodstock that went out of their way to make this plant-based eater happy last night. =)

Before I dive into the delicious eats, let’s start with Tuesday Trainer from Lindsay’s List.

Tuesday Trainer

It’s my favorite theme – Rest Week (a.k.a. Meet the Trainer). So this week, you get to hear me ramble a bit in this unedited, unprepared for “interview” I filmed before racing off to dinner (to which I was late).

This week’s questions:

  • What piece of fitness equipment is on your Christmas wish list?
  • Name one tip for staying fit during the holidays.
  • Name your best physical feature.  What are you most proud of?
  • Name your best non-physical attribute.
  • Plastic surgery: Yay or nay?
So head on over and check out my video!! While you’re there, you’ll want to watch the videos from the other awesome ladies who participated this week. What’s your tip for staying healthy through the Holidays?


Review: Vingenzo’s in Woodstock

Okay, now back to food!

If you’re from Atlanta, I live OTP (aka “outside the perimeter”) – which means I’m firmly in the suburbs. I actually love our area!  Suburb or not, we have some great restaurants in North Atlanta. One I have not been back to since transitioning to a plant-based diet is Vingezo’s in Woodstock.


Source, Restaurant Website

I didn’t even bring my camera into the restaurant initially. This wasn’t supposed to be a “bloggable” dinner, it was dinner with two awesome friends (Melody & Kati). After the chef visited the table to ask about our orders, I changed my mind.

After getting our orders, “Chef” didn’t think we took full advantage of what Vingezo’s had to offer. He had been informed just shortly before we arrived that I requested a vegan meal, but knew there were better things he could create than the pasta-less dish I had ordered. What a day to run out of time to call ahead! He offered to make egg-less pasta for our next visit, as long as I remember to call ahead. =)


Fagiolo bianco ed insalata arrostita dei carciofi
Roasted Artichoke and White Bean Salad

After visiting with our table for a few minute, he whipped up a flavorful dish filled with veggie and a tomato-based broth. The potatoes were my favorite – almost like potato chips, but richer!


Our bread for the table was also the perfect complement to soak up the broth:


I was stuffed, but our waiter sold me on grappa to finish the meal. Kati order a Lemoncello and Melody added Espresso to her Grappa. Have you had Grappa before? I used to think it tasted terrible, but if you find a good grappa, it can be incredible. You do have to enjoy a strong liquor though.

I understand from the chef they also have gluten-free options available for almost everything on the menu. I love how many restaurants are offering more options for special dietary requirements or choices!

We stayed a bit longer than expected, so grocery shopping will have to wait another night, but the dinner was completely worth the change of plans. Leftovers for lunch sound good!

Vingenzo's on Urbanspoon

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    • says

      Not the best Grappa I’ve ever had, but pretty decent. We have a huge bottle at home that we are very slowly working our way through from our last Italy trip – good thing it lasts a while!

  1. Melody says

    I can’t wait to eat mine for dinner again tonight, yum! You forgot to mention that they did a kind of impromptu wine tasting where you (asking for a full body red) and Kati (asking for a pinot noir like red) ended up liking the same one!

  2. says

    oh how I love a good grappa!

    The roasted artichoke salad looks great – love when a chef is so helpful (and passionate) in creating a delicious vegan meal… not just the old ‘green salad’ trick :)
    Lou recently posted…lessons for louMy Profile


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