Pre-Marathon Checklist: What I Am Packing

It’s almost time for the New Orleans Marathon – only 2 days away!! This is probably my last post before the race, I’m so excited and nervous right now I could burst! My focus right now is on praying (a lot), visualizing an awesome race, and thinking about how I will handle any issues that might pop up along the way.


I’m also still debating my pacing strategy for the race. I REALLY want to PR this race, but I’m not sure if I’m recovered enough from the 50K to make that happen. I’m also not sure if my foot will hold out or not, but I also know I’ve run through that pain on a 24 mile training run – I could do it again.

So, as much as I want to post my goals (and I definitely have some), I think I need to let this race happen and not put too much pressure on myself this time. I have plenty of other races in the future that I will share my goals with you, but I have to listen to my gut (and hubby’s advice) on this one and just race.

Pre-Marathon Checklist

I pack a lot of stuff for a marathon. I don’t think I fully appreciated just how much stuff I pack until today, which I took a photo and labeled everything – that’s a lot of stuff!! I like to be overprepared, because you never know how the weather is going to change. This is probably because my first marathon (Disney) occurred during a cold spell and I ended up wearing my PJ pants during the race, because I didn’t prepare for the cold.

Let’s start with the clothing – what will I bring?


The forecast is currently calling for high-40s to high-60s. Way warmer than I like, by the way. What I plan on wearing is on the right side of the photo above:

My “emergency” clothing is on the left. In case the weather changes and I need to prepare for colder or warmer weather:

  • Champion Tank –  I call this my Pilates tank, but also like running in it
  • Asics Arm WarmersMy favorite soft, seamless brand
  • Old Navy (cotton) gloves – I pick up cheap pairs of gloves ($1-2) for running, so it doesn’t matter if I lose them (or toss them)
  • Road Runner Sports Tights – An old pair of comfy running tights

This is a lot of clothes – just call me prepared for anything!

Next up…food & hydration– what will I bring?


I’m bringing food from breakfast through post-race, just to be sure I have what I need and there are no surprises.


  • My go-to breakfast has been toast or bagel with peanut butter, nooch, and marmite. Yes, I understand it’s weird, that’s why I’m bringing my own nooch & marmite. I’m pretty sure I can find bread & peanut butter in NOLA. 😉
  • About 20 minutes before the race, I’ll mix one scoop of the Vega Pre-Workout Energizer in the water bottle and drink down my lucky power juice.

During the Race

  • During the race, I like to eat a Vega Endurance Gel every 4.5 miles. I’ll squeeze those gels into the gel flask (attached to my FuelBelt) to make carrying 5 gels worth of nutrition easy.
  • I’m also going to tuck 2 of the Vega Electrolyte Hydrators packets into the pocket on my FuelBelt, just in case. If the temps start to rise, I can dump one into a bottle with water and take in some extra electrolytes (which I did during the 50K).
  • The bottles on my FuelBelt will just be filled with water, which I can refill (if needed) at the aid stations.


  • And finally, a packet of the Vega One (Vanilla Chai flavor) that I’ll mix with some almond milk after the race. It’s not a true protein drink, but it’s got a good mix of protein and nutrients that I can easily shake and drink while we walk back to the hotel. We’re planning on brunch shortly after to help aid recovery.

Now that my marathon gear and nutrition are all packed, it’s time to figure out what else I’m going to wear during my quick visit to NOLA this weekend!


Don’t forget to take advantage of the FREE Vega Sport Sample offer – a limited time opportunity with limited quantities! You can also check-out my full review of the Vega Sport line here


Questions for you:

  • Which color Zensah sleeves should I wear this weekend? Blue or Black?
  • Do you overpack for races (that you travel for) or are you a light packer?
  • What’s your favorite clothing & nutrition brands?

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  1. says

    That doesn’t sound over-prepared to me! It sounds very well thought out. I hope you have an incredible race, it sounds like a great time!

    • says

      Well, I have been known to be quite Type-A, so sometimes I just assume that is kicking in. Thanks for the well wishes, I’m excited about this weekend!!

    • says

      Marmite is full of B12 (energy) goodness – same as the Nooch. I don’t care if it’s mental or not, I’ve decided it helps. :) Thanks for your sleeve vote – I think the blue is going to win!

  2. Malinda says

    Yay! You’ll do great! I like the blue sleeves. Will be praying for you and look forward to the recap!

  3. says

    I have to ask, is there a plan for the nutritional yeast? I know whenever I stay anywhere I bring a small jar of it just in case.
    As for what color sleeves to wear, I’d go with the blue, its always nice to add a pop of color.
    Have a fantastic time!

    • says

      Haha – yes!! I moved it to a mini tupperware before packing it, guess I should have done that before the picture. :) Thanks for the blue vote, that looks like the color I’ll be wearing. Look for the recap and photos next week!

    • says

      So far you’re getting out-voted, you’ll have to send your fellow black zensah fans this way to cast their votes. 😉 I’m looking forward to the race and all the bands to help motivate me along the way!

  4. Lee says

    Okay, I somehow missed that you are running a marathon this weekend! Good luck!

    I’ve really only traveled for a race twice and both times I was extremely nervous that I would forget something so I definitely over packed.
    Lee recently posted…Don’t Give Up NowMy Profile

  5. says

    Hi Heather, What a great post. I am not a runner but, my son is. This gives me a little “peek” inside his world. Love the vanilla chia and almond milk drink idea plus all the tips for the different stages of the race… gives me an idea for a “care package” I can make for his next race!
    Thanks for the FB friend add, I would not have found your great blog with out it :)
    Sandy @Southwestgirl recently posted…Four Pepper Slow Cooker Chile Verde Recipe – An Ultimate Southwest Comfort FoodMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sandy – so glad you stopped by and you’re welcome on the FoodBuzz add. :) I would love a running care package, what a great idea. Your son will love it!


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