Online Personal Training

Get the Monthly Support You Need to Transform Your Body!

FITaspire Online Personal Training is your monthly fitness guide, with everything you need to look & feel amazing from anywhere in the world! Each month you'll have exclusive access to live coaching videos, step-by-step workouts, and nutrition support to help you lose fat and get stronger. The training app makes is simple to follow each workout from your smartphone, so you'll always have a guide through each exercise.

This program will help you look & feel amazing with simple workouts that you can do at the gym or at home & effective nutrition strategies to get you the results you have been dreaming about.

How does Online Personal Training Work?

Get Your Workouts Right On Your Phone

Workouts tailored to your level of experience:

  • Level 1: I'm just getting started with strength training... or I haven't been lifting weights for quite a while now. I might want to lose some weight, feel more confident, have more energy, look better.
  • Level 2: I've been exercises consistently for at least 3 months and am comfortable with a variety of exercises. I would like to improve my strength and fitness, feel more confident, & look better.

Nutrition guidance for best results:

To help you see the best results, I've created a comprehensive nutrition guide, to help you determine what you should be eating and when.  You'll learn about macros (macronutrients) and how the amount of each impacts your results. And I'll teach you how simple it can be to eat the right macros for you - without tracking everything you eat!

What Are Members Saying?

Molly KColorado

When I joined the program over six months ago, I was really surprised how much I enjoyed doing workouts that weren't group exercise classes! The program is structured, but flexible and Heather helps me feel empowered to do all the workouts. I realize that I don't need to do anything crazy (workout-wise) to get results!

I joined FITaspire online coaching, because I wanted someone to teach me how to gain muscle and lose fat. I also wanted to be held accountable and learn how to eat without a restrictive diet. I was surprised that I really do have the time to do the workouts! Following the plan is pretty easy and program helps hold me accountable. After just 6 weeks, my clothes are starting to get looser, I have more energy, and I am making more thoughtful choices!

Kelly R
Heather MTexas

I joined the program to improve my health and have improved my fitness, strength, and eating habits. I definitely needed a refresher on nutrition an portion sizes, which surprised me! Heather puts so much care and effort into coaching each and every person, and is truly therefor you in the journey. It's nice to have someone in your corner!

After injuring myself, I felt like I just couldn't get back into a good routine. Fitaspire's [level 1] personal training program has helped me feel like I can be fit again!


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Online Personal Training

Workouts + Nutrition Guide

Kickoff Video Coaching Call

  • Review your personal training app
  • Discuss nutrition guide & tips
  • Answer all your questions to help you get started!

Monthly Video Coaching Call

  • Keep you motivated & encouraged
  • Walk through the upcoming month together
  • Your chance to ask me any questions LIVE!

New Workouts Every 4 Weeks

  • Workout app on your iPhone or Android
  • Video demonstrations of all exercises
  • Level 1: 4 workouts per week
  • Level 2: 4 or 5 workouts per week

Comprehensive Nutrition Guide

  • Macro Guide & Timing
  • Kitchen Tools
  • Grocery List
  • Quick & Easy Recipes
  • Supplement Guide

Weekly Check-ins to track progress & keep you accountable

Ongoing Support in Private Facebook Group

Monthly subscription. Cancel anytime. 

Meet Your Trainer: Heather Blackmon

Hi, I'm Heather Blackmon & I'm so excited to help you learn the most effective workout & nutrition strategies to get the results you are dreaming about!

As a certified personal trainer & nutrition coach, I am passionate about helping you transform your life to have the energy and confidence to fully live life! I live in Colorado with Kirk, my husband and fellow coach, and our two dogs (Abbott & Zurie). I work with clients around the world with online coaching programs for both endurance training & fat loss.

I have certifications from NASM, USA Triathlon, USA Track & Field, Precision Nutrition, & Metabolic Efficiency. 

How Does Online Personal Training Work?

  • The week before training begins, we'll have a kickoff call via video to talk together. I'll walk you through how to use the app for all your workouts, discuss the nutrition guide, and answer all of your questions. 
  • The first week of training, we'll hop on another video call together to walk through your upcoming workouts and make sure you feel completely comfortable. We'll also review the weekly check-in template, to help you stay accountable & stick with the plan! 
  • Each week, you'll share your check-in with me in our private facebook group and we can chat through any questions or challenges that may have come up. This group is your support network, so you can get help and stay accountable on your health & fitness journey.
  • Every 4 weeks, you get a brand new set of workouts -- so you never get bored and your body is challenged to keep making progress!
  • When you get those new workouts, we'll have another video coaching call to walk through the upcoming month, answer any questions you may have, and help you stay motivated & excited about your results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to go to the gym?

Nope! You can choose workouts designed for either the gym or at home - all you need are dumbbells, resistance bands, and (ideally) a stability ball. When you get started, you'll have the chance to tell me your preference - and you can change each month if you choose!  

What if I live outside the United States?

One of the amazing benefits of online personal training is that you can live anywhere in the world! You'll be able to access the coaching calls & workouts anywhere with internet access. So if you're reading this page - you're in!  

How many workouts a week are in this program?

The answer depends on your level of experience when you start the program. All workouts are written to take you 30-45 minutes!

  • Level 1: New to strength training. This group will complete 4 workouts a week - 3 strength workouts and 3 SHORT cardio workouts. (Most cardio workouts are less than 20 minutes - nothing over 30 minutes)
  • Level 2: Experienced.  This group has the option of 4-5 workouts a week - 4 strength workouts and 3 SHORT cardio workouts. Cardio workouts are never than 30 minutes, with most under 20 minutes.

What does the nutrition guide include?

To help you get the best results, I've created a guide to walk you through eating to support your goals. It covers what macros (or macronutrients) are, why they impact your results when your goal is fat loss or body composition, how to know how much of each macro you should be eating (and when), and guidance on tracking macro portions.

I don't believe that tracking the grams of each macro you eat is sustainable - do you really want to track your food for the rest of your life? I certainly don't! That's why this guide will help you learn the portions that will work best for you and tips to follow your plan when eating at home, while traveling, at a restaurant -- or anywhere you go!

I'm also sharing my superfoods grocery list, best kitchen tools, ​quick & easy recipes, &  supplements guide.

I am already eating clean & not seeing results. Why is this program any different?

Eating clean means something a little different to everyone. For most people, you are choosing food that are considered healthy - with minimal processed foods. While this is a good start, it doesn't take into account the amounts of protein, fat, and carbs (macros) that your are eating -- which has the biggest impact to your success. The nutrition guide will help you learn the amount of each that is best for you and how to simply track your portions to start making progress and get the results you are dreaming about!

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

Your subscription to FITaspire Personal Training is month to month, meaning you can cancel at anytime. We do not have contracts or cancellation fees. You can cancel whenever you want. If you cancel, your subscription will end at the end of the month you have already paid for. 

I absolutely cannot recommend a better coach than Heather. Her coaching style is very intuitive; she is great at putting together a manageable plan that is challenging without being overwhelming and one that works within your schedule.

Christina D