Online Personal Training 

Get the monthly support you need to transform your body with flexible, easy-to-follow workouts delivered to your smartphone!

Memberships starting at $37 a month!

$117/12 weeks

I joined the program because I didn't want to be tied to a specific class time at the gym. Over a year later, I continue to be a member because I enjoy the different exercises and I am seeing results!

Molly Koch, Colorado

Why Choose Online Personal Training?

Flexibility for Your Schedule

Online personal training is a great way to get access to the trainer you want, no matter where you live. Each month, you'll get a strength training & cardio program tailored for your level of experience (beginners through experienced) to help you get the results you want. Each month's workouts build on the last, so you stay interested and keep seeing progress!

Easy to Follow

Each month you'll get new workouts delivered in the FITaspire app, right on your phone. Every exercise includes a video demonstration and step-by-step instructions to make it easy to follow. You can choose gym or home workouts -- whatever works best for you!

You'll also get access to a video coaching call each month and a private community to ask questions & get support whenever you need it! 

Nutrition Package​​​​

To help you see the best results, focus on both your workouts + the nutrition strategies to help you success. Choose the optional nutrition package for access to my comprehensive nutrition guide. The guide will walk you through what you should be eating and when. You'll learn about macros (macronutrients) and how the amount of each impacts your results. And I'll teach you how simple it can be to eat the right macros for you - without tracking everything you eat!

You can also choose custom nutrition coaching, if that level of support is better for you. 

Basic Membership

  • 4-5 Workouts per week (all less than 60 minutes)
  • #TeamFITaspire smartphone app for all workouts
  • New workouts each month to help you keep seeing results!
  • Weekly challenges to continually improve your health 
  • Private support community to answer all your questions! 

  • Early & discounted access to bootcamps & challenges

$37/ 4 weeks

3 Month Nutrition Bundle

3 months of Basic Membership PLUS  Nutrition Guide

  • Macro guide + timing
  • Kitchen Tools
  • Grocery List
  • Quick & Easy Recipes
  • Supplement Guide

$117/ 12 weeks

Main Benefits of Online Personal Training

I'm so excited to help you learn the most effective workout & nutrition strategies to get the results you are dreaming about!

As a certified personal trainer & nutrition coach, I am passionate about helping you transform your life through natural health & fitness. When you make your health a priority by investing in this program, you'll not only see your body transform -- but you'll have more energy for every day!


Workout Anywhere!

Take your workouts with you anywhere in the world - at whatever time works for our schedule. You'll be amazed at how freeing this can be!



Access to me (your coach) at any time with a private support community right in the #TeamFITaspire app!



You are empowered to take control of your fitness and health, with the tools you need to be successful on your own terms


Simple & Easy to Follow

With your workouts right on your phone, with video demos of every exercise -- it's super easy to follow. You'll even be able to track your reps & weights right in the app, so you can watch your progress throughout the weeks!

 Kelly Robinson 



I joined FITaspire online coaching, because I wanted someone to teach me how to gain muscle and lose fat. I also wanted to be held accountable and learn how to eat without a restrictive diet. I was surprised that I really do have the time to do the workouts! Following the plan is pretty easy and program helps hold me accountable. After just 6 weeks, my clothes are starting to get looser, I have more energy, and I am making more thoughtful choices!

Join us now and start getting results!

$37/ 4 weeks

$117/ 12 weeks

 Kelly Robinson 



I joined the program to improve my health and have improved my fitness, strength, and eating habits. I definitely needed a refresher on nutrition an portion sizes, which surprised me! Heather puts so much care and effort into coaching each and every person, and is truly therefor you in the journey. It's nice to have someone in your corner!


Heather Blackmon is a certified personal trainer & nutrition coach. Her mission is help more women transform their lives through natural health & fitness.