Online Personal Coaching

Reach Your Goals Faster with Personal Coaching. Runners & Triathletes of all levels work with a coach to improve their performance, prevent injuries, stay motivated and accountable!

How Does Online Coaching Work?

Working with a coach is the best way to improve as a runner or triathlete. Not only will your coach create a training plan just for you, but you'll also get ongoing support & motivation throughout your training. ​Your training will be created each month, based on your actual performance for the most customized training plan and the best results. And when questions come up, you'll have an expert there to guide you​!


Intelligent Training

Work with one of our certified coaches, who will develop a training plan specifically for you, based on your goals and life. You'll get everything you need for your best season of training & racing, including warm-ups, stretching, strength training, and (of course) sport-specific workouts. 


Interactive App

You'll get access to your personal training calendar within Training Peaks, with both web & app access. You'll track your progress in the tool to make communication with your coach a simple process. You can even upload workouts automatically from most GPS training watches (like Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Zwift, Wahoo)


Targeted & Effective

You already have a busy training schedule, so your workouts will be designed to make the most of your limited time. Every workout will bring you closer to your goal & fit into your life. And if things change, your coach will be there to update your training plan to match your needs. No guessing!! 

Included in Every Coaching Plan:

  • Individual training plan, created specifically for you
  • Personal online coach
  • Unlimited emails & texts. Monthly phone or Skype call (if desired). 
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    Athlete Success Guide
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    Injury Prevention built into every plan with strategic warm-ups, strength training sessions, and stretching guidance

Let's Get Started!

It's simple to get started with online coaching. There are no contracts or start-up fees. You can join for 1 month or work with us for 5 years! Coaches Kirk & Heather are here to help you develop a plan that fits your life, so you can focus on doing the work for as long as fits your needs. 

Unlimited Contact with Your Coach + Strength Training in EVERY PLAN!

With our coaching plans, you have UNLIMITED access to your coach through training (email AND text message). You'll also get strength training built right into your plan - which is a key element for performance improvement and injury prevention. ​

When life changes and you need to adjust your training, your coach is there to help you. No more guessing what you should do from a cookie-cutter plan. You'll get personal attention to ensure you're making the most of your training time - because you're busy!

We work with athletes around the world, from Colorado to Korea. Whether you're training for your first half marathon or your 10th Ironman, we would love to help you train to perform your best. 

What Our athletes Are Saying

What do our athletes think of the online coaching?


Florida, Runner

My performance significantly improved since beginning training with Heather. I got a nearly 6 minute PR, which was only possible do to the tough treadmill training workouts. The course that I recently raced was hillier than I expected, but I was strong enough to push through all the hills and come out 3rd in my age/gender division and with the 6 minute PR! 


Colorado, Triathlete

​Coach Kirk helped me break each workout down, encouraged me when I had a bad workout, and congratulated me on what I was able to accomplish each week. I simply could not have done it without him. When it came time to toe the line, I felt ready for anything. IMCDA threw the hottest temps on record at me, but thanks to Kirk, I ran a smart (albeit not a fast) race. I’m so grateful for his guidance, and because of it, I am an Ironman.


Korea, Triathlete

I have taken 15 minutes off my Olympic record, completed my first half ironman (smashing my goal time by 30 minutes), taken 15 minutes off my half marathon record and set a new 10k PB. All this in 5 months. I now see myself as an improving athlete, not a guy who is ‘having a go’. If you want to achieve your goals, sign up. You won’t regret it.


Utah, Runner

I have been training with Heather for eight months. She has pushed me to keep moving, helped me conquer a marathon, and helped me grow stronger as a person. I am not the fastest runner, but Heather has also helped me in that area as well. I can feel myself getting faster, and my body is not fighting it. With her help, I will conquer big things in 2017!



MIchigan, Runner + Duathlete

​Before, I wouldn’t really know what workout to do when and I found scheduling that on top of my work, etc. to be stressful. Now, I just look at the calendar and do the workout. I know that it’s going to be a workout I can do (unlike cookie cutter plans that don’t adapt to my training) even if it’s a challenge. It’s not overwhelming for me.


Wisconsin,  Runner

My advice to anyone that can afford to, that has fitness goals, is hire a coach/personal trainer! They will keep you motivated and help you reach your goals faster and with less injuries. After 3 months with Heather I got a PR by 5 minutes in the half marathon despite tough weather conditions.

Online Coaching FAQs

How long do I need to commit to coaching?

If I sign up for coaching, what if my situation changes & I need to take a break from the training?

I'm not trying to win the race, is coaching still right for me?

Do I get to pick my coach?

What happens once I sign up?

100% Money Back Guarantee

I take pride in creating high-quality training programs that support your goals & always offer a  30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the programt, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email me and I'll refund your payment.

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