I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I am so excited to (finally) share than I passed my certification exam on Monday and am officially a NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). You might remember that I signed up for the certification program at the end of last year, planning to take the test by April. As I tend to do, I overcommitted myself and had less time to dedicate to studying than I expected. I also underestimated my retention of science terms from high school and college – there is a lot of science in this certification (which is probably a good thing)!

I'm a NASM Certiied Personal Trainer (CPT)

What Did I Learn?

The material was fairly interesting, with topics covering science, fitness programming, nutrition, and marketing. A good mix of concepts, although I would have appreciated more in the nutrition area. The training concepts reinforced a lot what I already us with my running and triathlon athletes, but there were a number of new concepts that I have already integrated into training plans. I also found it interesting to learn even more about why the training that I’ve been doing over the past year has been so effective for me.

One area I learned the most was about adapting training for unconditioned and senior clients. I haven’t had clients in these categories in the past, so it was great to learn more about the best way to adjust training to meet the needs of those groups.

I also learned that it’s been a LONG time since I’ve had to study for a test of this magnitude. It was difficult to buckle down and get focused on studying. That’s why most of my study time was crammed into the last month, as I was out of time to take the test. There are already some great study resources out on the web, but let me know if you’re interested in hearing more about my study plan.

What Does This Mean for FITaspire Training?

You may have noticed that we are not currently accepting applications for new athletes. With all the changes recently, it is taking a little longer to put together the right training packages for you. Once we do reopen applications at the end of the month, you will see a new service offering – personal training!

All our training will continue to be online services, as it’s the style of training Kirk and I prefer for ourselves. It also gives us the flexibility to work with athletes regardless of location. Even for local athletes, I find that it’s easier to plan your training schedule around your availabilty, as opposed to coordinating schedules between the trainer and athlete.

Having an expert write a training plan to meet my goals, hold me accountable for staying on track, and offering support to meet my needs is the style of training I prefer. That’s the style we will continue to offer to our athletes.

Note: I do not plan to offer training for competition prep at launch, but focus more on “traditional” fitness goals.


Questions for you:

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    Congrats Heather! LOVE the new name, and the new design!! Looks great, and yes, matches where you are going much better :) I have my personal coach who sets my training schedule for me, and it is SO much help, I cannot preach enough about how much of a difference having a coach makes. I would NEVER be where I am now without him, and it also means you are not just running for yourself, but you have a higher purpose as you know it is their livelihood. Cant wait to hear how you make a difference in peoples lives :)
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    Congrats lady!! You’ll be an awesome trainer. I think you should move here and we can work together 😉 And gosh, studying for my exam and taking the test?? Holy cow was I ever out of practice with studying LOL

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    Wow lady get it!! So happy for you!! I myself have had an online nutritionist whom I found through Instagram and she worked with me through emails only. It worked great and she was there for me every step of the way. Today I did a huge #movehappy for me I took a cycling class this morning. 80s style of course the music was grow back but the workout was amazing. I will be a GOOD sore tomorrow!!!

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      Email me!! I used a few apps (one free, one paid) that I think worked really well. And took the practice test a few times, reviewing the material where I missed questions. You’ll be fine!!


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