Marathon Week Confessions

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you had a great weekend, with time to relax and spend time with those that you love. I enjoyed every minute of mine and was especially happy to have some down time “scheduled” in the weekend plan. Here’s a glimpse into my weekend:



When we opened our Date Night Card for the month, we found a very traditional Dinner & A Movie plan. Since we rarely make time for the movies, this was actually great! We caught an early showing of This Means War and then headed over to World Peace Café for dinner.

Saturday started with a group run (more on this below), followed by beer brewing and preparation of some mini Buffalo Tarts (based on this recipe from the fabulous Kristina (aka Spabettie). The Buffalo Tarts were a treat for a game night event at a friend’s house!

And finally, new flowers on the kitchen table after a grocery shopping trek on Sunday after church. Flowers just make me smile. =)

Question for You: How was your weekend? Do flowers in the kitchen make you smile?

Running Confessions

I’ve been a little quiet about my marathon training recently. Before my 50K at the beginning of the month, I realized I was over-trained and cut back a lot of the non-running and biking workouts I had added to my plate. I was having fun trying out new HIIT workouts and starting to up my strength training, all while ramping up my cycling and running volume. It was too much and my body let me know it.

Since then, I think I have refrained from posting much about it, because I needed to remove myself from the pressure of public workouts. I usually love sharing about that stuff, but I recognized that part of my overtraining was getting caught up in the “look what I did” mentality. Even good peer pressure and accountability can get skewed sometimes. I think I’ve moved past this for now, so I’m ready to confess the craziness that has been my running recently.

Post-50K Runningimage

I had some knee pain during the 50K, which my amazing sports chiro helped resolve very quickly. Unfortunately, there were enough other issues that my running for the past three weeks has been seriously lacking…

Week of Feb 6:

  • 3M Run
  • 6.1M Trail Run (Team 65 Roses)
  • 14.7M Run

Of course, with the knee pain gone, the pain in my foot came back and I hobbled home on Saturday, short of my planned 16 mile plan. I also took Sunday off, knowing I needed to rest and get back in to see the doc. I wish I had asked him to check on my foot during the last visit, just in case…

Week of Feb 13:

  • 8M Run
  • 13.5M Run

My regular doctor was on vacation, so I saw a different sports chiro who attempted to help my foot issue. It was better, but I was still feeling the pain and decided hobbling through was not smart. I called Kirk to pick me up on this weekend’s long run – defeated. I realized that not only was my body physically hurting, but I just didn’t feel my normal self endurance-wise while running. I admitted (to myself) that I was not recovered from the 50K. I was relieved that my normal sports chiro would be back in the office on Thursday to see me.

Week of Feb 20:

  • 5M Fartlek
  • 8M Run
  • 15M Run (Team 65 Roses)

This week was tricky. I am within 2 weeks to the marathon – I should be in taper mode. BUT, I haven’t run even run 15 miles since the 50K and I’m freaking out. My experiment of running a 50K four weeks before a marathon is not seeming very smart. I’m starting to feel a little more normal on my runs, but is running 15M the week before a marathon smart? Will my body remember how to run over 20 miles, when the last run over that distance was 4 weeks before the race (I like a 2 week taper)?

My 15 miler on Saturday actually felt pretty good. My training pace felt almost normal and it went by pretty quickly. I felt some stiffness in my knees at the end (no foot pain at all), but I already have an appointment with my sports chiro for Tuesday for some last minute preparations.



Am I Ready?

I have no idea! =) I know I have the mileage base, but I also know I’m not fully recovered yet. Honestly, I wish I had 6 weeks between the 50K & the marathon. My 4 week test scenario seems very short right now. I haven’t hit 30 miles a week since the race, definitely under my 40 mile/week preference for marathon training. BUT, I listened to my body (reluctantly) and did what I could handle.

I guess we’ll see what happens on Sunday at the New Orleans Marathon.

Question for You: Anything to confess/share today in your life? Have you ever found a positive (like accountability) turned into a negative for a time?

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  1. says

    Good luck with the rest of taper/training. I’m sure your nerves are probably just making you more worried than you should be. I hope the foot/knee issues subside in time.

    By the way – lovely flowers!
    Tiff recently posted…Wedding WeekendMy Profile

  2. says

    I bet your base alone will carry you through the race. Rest all you need to – even if your time is slower, that is MUCH better than injuries!

    How did you like World Peace Café? I am in that area often but always end up at the WF hot bar.

    • says

      Yea, no worries about finishing, that’s a given. :) I just really want my PR – Sunday will tell if that is possible this race.

      World Peace Cafe was mostly good – do NOT get the Tofu Steak & Fries (dry, no sauce, which was wierd). The soup I got was good and Kirk like his veggie burger. I loved the red tea – Velvet. We’ll go back again and I’ll try something different. :)

  3. says

    I typically run 21 miles about 3-4 weeks before, then taper to 12 and then finally only about 6 mile the week before a marathon.

    I ran 7 RnR events last year, but somehow (sadly) missed the NOLA one. You’ve put in the training, you WILL be fine. Believe in yourself and have confidence that you will finish :) Good luck!
    Amanda @ Click. The Good News recently posted…SS: ModernMy Profile

    • says

      I like 22 miles 2 weeks before, then 12 the week before – but this race was different with the 50K thrown into the mix. We’ll see! :) Not worried about finishing, the question will be the finish time.

      I have not been hearing good things about the RnR events – did you have a good experience? I’m hoping NOLA doesn’t have the issues I’ve heard about at Savannah & Vegas.

      • says

        The RnR’s are a really mixed bag & I’ve blogged about all of them & you can find the links here

        Each race director is different, so I’d think the most helpful thing would be to find & read reviews of runners who ran that race in year’s past. That way you know what in particular about that course, organization, set-up may pose a challenge. Vegas was a freaking dangerous disaster, but I thought Denver was fabulous & they did a good job organizing for some of the other races, even if I didn’t care for the race for other reasons.

        I’ve been intending to write a post “what I learned running 7 Rock n Roll marathons” but just haven’t gotten around to it. But yes, in general, I won’t be running anymore- especially the full marathons. They are really catering to the half marathons & that’s where all of the $$ and people are going. There are so many better races- better courses, better support, cheaper, safer, more fun, better supported.
        Amanda @ Click. The Good News recently posted…SS: ModernMy Profile

        • says

          I guess at this point ignorance is bliss, right? I can’t do anything to change the race – but your comment of “never again” seems pretty consistent. It’s amazing that will all the feedback like that I’ve heard, there hasn’t really been a response or any changes from RnR – this is affecting their brand!

  4. says

    I know you will do great in the race girl!! You’re a champion. I agree with Laura- resting & slower time is way better than injury! I have no experience with full marathon training, but I think the most important thing with any sport is to listen to your body and not push yourself to exhaustion.
    Carol @ Lucky Zucca recently posted…Thankful for the Little ThingsMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Carol – you guys are absolutely right! Sometimes accepting a slower time is the right thing. I knew this could happen when I planned the 50K before the marathon, it was an experiment to see how my body could handle the two. We’ll see how Sunday unfolds!

  5. says

    Although I know it was hard, I think it’s ultimately good you listened to your body. Remember how much adrenaline and excitement help to keep you moving too! Your body will remember how to do it…as for a PR, who knows! But you wouldn’t have known if the 30K and this race were possible unless you tried it, so here goes nothing! I know you will do well and hope you feel the accomplishment of running that amazing race with a marathon so soon after – incredible! Have a great week of training (and life). 😀
    Bonnie recently posted…Food & Fitness TipsMy Profile

    • says

      You’re so right – that was my thought when I registered to do both races, but it’s hard to keep that in mind as the second race draws close. Thanks for the reminder Bonnie!! =)

  6. Elena says

    So what are your thoughts on this blog entry now that you’ve had time to process your marathon results?

    Congrats on the new design and coaching upstart! Does this mean I can’t pick your brain for free about MCM?? 😉

    • says

      Great question! I think that 4 weeks is enough time physically (and I would probably plan my training a little differently next time for those 4 weeks), BUT it’s stressful mentally. You really have to trust that it’s okay to not get in long mileage on the weekend, because your body is still recovery. And trust that what you’ve already done is enough. I want to try 6 weeks next – I think that would feel better mentally. I LOVED getting to 20 miles and honestly thinking “just 6 more miles” – much better than “11 more miles” at the same mileage in the 50K.

      And you can certainly pick my brain about MCM still – I’m still you friend, silly. Even if we never get to see each other enough! 😉

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