Long Run Saturday and Weekend Recap

One reasons I enjoy winter running more than summer running is my weekend routine. In the summer, a long run means waking up as early as possible (often 4:30-5:30AM) to get started while it’s “cooler” and try to avoid the 90 degree temperatures that find us so quickly in Atlanta. The thought of sleeping in and relaxing on the couch on a weekend morning is a distant memory.

But in the winter, that changes completely. I can sleep in, watch TV on the couch, sip hot tea, and pretend it’s a lazy day. With the high hitting only 53 degrees today, I can go running when I feel like it – which is so much fun! =)

Sure, I’m sure I’ll grumble a bit when the real cold gets here, but given a choice between sweating in the summer versus bundling up in the winter – the winter wins.

In the winter, that first mile the hardest.  Waiting for your body temperature to warm you up against the cold air, but then I realize I can run faster with less effort. Plus, you get to tell stories about hard-core you are on those bitter, cold days!

So today, I’m sitting on the couch finishing this post, just finished a bowl of Panda Puffs with a scoop of Almond Butter, heating up some hot water for Chai Tea, and just generally being lazy – I LOVE IT! Later this afternoon, I do have an 18 mile run to tackle, but it’s not going to get too hot today. =)

Are you a winter or a summer runner? Do you stick it out in your-least favorite weather or try out other activities?

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Weekend Recap

MondayReview: Woodfire Grill Birthday Tasting Dinner The final post in my series of birthday posts is a review of the Woodfire Grill in Atlanta where we enjoyed a 5-course tasting dinner.

IMG_6779   IMG_6781

TuesdayTuesday Training: Why You Should Get (or Keep) Moving This December Don’t wait until the inevitable New Years resolutions next month, get moving now! Check out the training options available on Tuesday Trainer (including my contribution of TRX Mountain Climbers from this week) and join the Dedicated December challenge (with prizes!).


WednesdayWhat I Ate Wednesday: 8th Edition or “All the food I ate out of bowls” featuring steel cut oats, Pumpkin Tempeh Chili, and Dal Makhni. And lots of snacking in between. :)


ThursdayPeppermint “Buttercream” Chocolate Cupcakes! These delicious cupcakes are made from an Oh She Glows recipe for a co-worker’s baby shower. Yum! I’m actually whipping up another batch today for a Christmas party tomorrow. =)


FridayFriday Fitness Favorites Survey Learn about some of my fitness favorites and goals in this fitness survey – then share your answers on your own blog (make sure you share the link!) or in the comments. A great way to learn more about each other.

What are you doing to stay active this weekend? Don’t forget to share your workouts on Dedicated December so you have a chance to win one of the prizes!

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    • says

      Yay – another winter running fan! I agree with you on the summer workouts being out-of-the-way, definately a perk to the early morning wake-up call. :)

  1. says

    Good post!

    Call me crazy, but I love summer running – think it has something to do with the fact that I used to live in FL – but I enjoy the fact that I can run earlier in the morning, then I have all day to do what I need to do on the weekend :) Oh, and I don’t like wearing pants…haha – shorts and running skirts win!

    • says

      I’m just impressed that you enjoy summer runs – I wish I could get better at them myself! :) You’re not the first person who I’ve heard say they don’t like running in pants either!

  2. says

    Whoo-hoo for 18 miles! Heather, after interacting on twitter last weekend about my “juts for fun 15 miler,” I never asked you, but I’m assuming you’re training for a full marathon? When is it? Which one? Sorry I’m behind the times. 😀 Hope your miles today were fun!

    I’m a fall weather runner…winter here in Calgary just gets TOO cold, but I’ve learned to adjust and adapt my clothing and just get out and go. I do workout more indoors (high intensity strength training) in the winter, but I like the same lazy Saturdays and waiting until the sun warms the ground up before heading outside. Summer’s don’t get too hot here, so that’s never really an issue, but I like the fall weather best!

    …happy weekend!

    • says

      Yep, I’m training for the New Orleans marathon in March with a 50K in February as a training run (to see if I like the distance). =) I love Fall running too – and I bet your idea of Fall in Calgary is a little cooler than ours in Atlanta. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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