Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow (eek!) and hopefully you already have an idea of how you’re going to celebrate with your special someone. In case you’re not 100% prepared yet, I thought I would share a few ideas of how you might make it a special evening.

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Thoughtful Gifts on a Budget

In our house, Valentine’s Day is not a holiday that we spend a lot of money on gifts. In fact, we’ve found it a great time to set a low dollar limit and challenge each other to find a gift in that price range ($10-$20, for example). Honestly, this often takes more thought than spending a lot of money and it’s really fun to see what the other person comes up with.

Some ideas include:

  • Photo Album (bonus if you fill it with photos of the two of you)
  • Favorite food item that you don’t have very often (vegan caviar, would be a good one for me!)
  • A selection of your favorite beers to sample (or new beers to try)

beer tasting

  • Tickets to a local sports event (nosebleed seats are still fun!)
  • Package your favorite homemade treat in a nice box – instant gift!
  • Game Night! You supply the game, drinks, and prizes. Be creative with those prizes…they don’t have to cost anything, if you know what I mean! 😉

What other inexpensive ideas can you add to this list?


Special Dinner at Home

If you like to cook, a home-cooked meal can be more fun than going out to eat sometimes. It’s also a lot less expensive, no waiting for a table, and no prying eyes from strangers seated around you.

Our dinner plans for this year are for a tasting dinner at home. We’re going to be dining on 4 courses with beer pairings in the comfort of our home. Since we both enjoy cooking, I’m in charge of the amuse bouche and entrée; Kirk is in charge of the appetizer and dessert.

romantic dinner

You can make this as easy or elaborate as you want – it’s a great way to try out those recipes you’ve been pinning on Pinterest or create something new! You can even come up with a clever name for your dinner – like V(egan)-Day Beer Dinner, which Kirk coined for our celebration. :)

Now if a whole meal doesn’t sound fun to you – how about just dessert? I’ve seen lots of amazing Valentine’s Day recipes, but the best in my opinion collections in my opinion are Spabettie & Chocolate-Covered Katie.

What do you think? Does making a Valentine’s Day Dinner or Special Dessert sound fun to you?


And Finally…

This has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, but I thought I’d leave you with a laugh. I (finally) went to the eye doctor this weekend for an exam and some new glasses that I’ll actually wear. Kirk snapped this photo of me in in my new frames with the measuring thingy attached – I don’t remember what this is actually supposed to do, except look silly!

heather glasses

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