Live Webinar: Essential Oils for Athletes

Most people are looking for an easier way to accomplish their goals. You might be looking for the "perfect" workout, the latest sports drink or gel, or post-workout shake that will give you that extra edge. While essential oils are not a magic pill, they do offer amazing support for your goals in a NATURAL way!!

On this live training, you'll learn:

  • What are oils & why are they effective
  • How can oils help you: pre-workout, during workouts, & post-workout
  • Healthy habits for supporting your sleep, immune system, metabolism
  • The oils I use & recommend for best results
  • Giveaway!! There will be prizes for those who join us live. 

Bonus! All attendees will also get a copy of our exclusive Athlete eBook, which includes simple recipes and sample protocols tailored for you as an endurance athletes (runner & triathletes), yogis, or CrossFit/strength training focus.  

Webinar Date:

October 18

Webinar Time:

8:00pm EST/ 6:00pm MST

Your Hosts:

Heather Blackmon

Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Char McGhie

Plant-based Nutritionist

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