Embracing the Snow

Driving Snowy Roads to BreckenridgeFirst lift on a powder dayWaiting in line with the skiersSnowladen trees on a run at BreckenridgeCatwalks are not the friend of Snowboarders

When you live in the beautiful state of Colorado and it snows, you have two choices. You can stay inside and cuddle by the fire to stay warm. Or you can brave the roads, drive (slowly) to your favorite resort, and hit the slopes. Although I don’t actually like being cold, good clothing choices help mitigate that concern. And warm beverages between runs can warm you back up, when the cold seeps through the cracks.

And the feel of the snow under my board and the stunning scenery makes the cold weather enjoyable. In fact, I look forward to the snow! It’s another excuse to get active and enjoy the great outdoors. In the winter, this is my favorite way to #MoveHappy.

Playing in the Trees

A fun day on the slopes


Questions for you:

  • Ski or snowboard?
  • Snow or sand?

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  1. says

    Wow! That is beautiful! Looks like a lot of fun too! I have always been too scared to try skiing or snowboarding as if I hurt myself it could be devastating for my training. Once I stop running at an elite level I would love to try, but until now I will be living through others….which you are now one of! Enjoy one slope for me :)
    Tina Muir recently posted…Super Salad 2.0My Profile

    • says

      That does take some time to get used to! I actually tried to do a day on skis after switching and the fact that they WEREN’T together freaked me out. Haha! :)

      And you HAVE to let me know when you visit!! We actually have snowmobiling on our wish list for this winter. :)

    • says

      I don’t think I wear anything special on my feet on a normal basis – just socks & shoes. If it’s a cold day in the mountains, I will put toe warmers in my snowboard boots – maybe you can try those?

  2. says

    I have to admit- I like the snow MUCH better here than I did in Maryland. It’s light and fluffy here and the world doesn’t shut down every time there’s a light dusting!
    And you know that I’m TRYING to learn to like skiing- but if I don’t – at least I love to snowshoe (talk about a workout!). We do live in a BEAUTIFUL place!!
    Lauren @ Me and the Mountains recently posted…The Peanut Butter ShowdownMy Profile


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