Cinnamon Sweet Potato Protein Ice Cream {MMAZ #58}

For the second time ever, I live in a city where our team was in the Super Bowl. Apparently, I am bad luck for my hometown team, as the Broncos lost last night. In 1998, the Falcons played the Broncos in the Super Bowl when I was living in Atlanta. In case you don’t remember that one – the Falcons lost that game too. Sorry Broncos. I at least tried to support the team in my best #UnitedInOrange gear. Wearing orange is always hard for me, since all orange is bad when you’re a UGA Dawgs fan.

Go Broncos!

After the game, I whipped up my second batch of Sarah’s (aka Miss Whisk) Cinnamon Sweet Potato Protein Ice Cream. I made my first batch earlier in the week, but I didn’t think anyone wanted to see #MMAZ pictures of this creation in Tupperware. So I happily planned this treat for this week’s meal plan, as well! I’m actually getting much more comfortable with repeating meals recently – it saves a little time when I’m busy snowboarding for much of the weekend.

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Protein Ice Cream

I don’t actually have a Vitamix blender, which Sarah recommends, but I do have a heavy duty beverage blender that we got for our wedding (over 12 years ago and going strong!). My blender isn’t quite as cool as the Vitamix sounds, but it did the job. It takes a bit longer to mix, so the result is a little more liquid than ice cream. I transferred it to Tupperware and put it back in the freezer to set up.

The result is closer to a semifreddo (a semi-frozen dessert), but I love that texture and the flavor is fantastic. I planned this one for a mid-morning snack last week and can’t wait to enjoy it again today!

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Protein Ice Cream

Ready for the recipe? Head over to A Whisk and Two Wands to get all the details and add it to your own meal plan for the week! The only change I made to the recipe was to use 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, because I love the flavor of cinnamon.

And now it’s the time to see what others cooked up for this week’s challenge! In case you are new to MMAZ, the goal is to cook a meatless recipe that features the week’s key ingredient (in this case – potato). preferably one of the recipes created for last week’s #MMAZ linkup. If you join the fun, make sure your visit at least a few other participants to help build our little community and share the wealth:

Meatless Mondays from A-Z: Potato



Questions for you:

  • Who did you cheer for in the Super Bowl last night?
  • Have you made ice cream or semifreddo at home?

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  1. says

    Yeah… wasnt exactly the best game was it? Bit of a letdown for the first game I have actually watched here (I have been here 8 years!!). I dont see what all the fuss is about now! 😛 Had lots of yummy snacks though! Your ice cream looks great! That is a way of getting health and taste in one go! Yum!
    Tina Muir recently posted…Quest Bars Product ReviewMy Profile

  2. says

    So happy to hear you like my Cinnamon Sweet Potato Ice Cream! Love that you added more cinnamon (I am a cinnamon fan and usually do too but thought people would want to taste the sweet potato, and the girls like it with a little less ;))! I wish my blender from our wedding (12 years ago) was still running. Instead I have been through umm probably more than I can count on my fingers and after 3 in one year of a “good high powered” blender breaking my husband bought me the Vitamix for my birthday almost a year ago.

    This week I tried Tina’s, Fuel Your Future with Tina, Cauliflower Crusted Veggie Pizza! It was delicious! Shared it on Twitter and Instagram and my followers liked it. I tried to get it blogged for today but felt as I was adapting it to be dairy free I owed it to the recipe to try it again with regular cheese (for the girls) so I new what the intended results were and try to match that with the dairy free so I was sharing a proper representation of her recipe. :)
    Sarah recently posted…Mexican Quinoa Sweet Potato SkinsMy Profile

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