Maroon Bells Hike in Aspen


The past weekend, we decided to take advantage of the Memorial Day holiday to spend some time in Aspen. We visited briefly for a few hours in the winter to see the X Games, but didn’t really see the city. Our goal for the weekend was to get away, relax, and recharge from everyday life. [...]

7 Wineries Worth Visiting in California


Kirk and I took advantage of our business trips last week and headed out to California a weekend early. It had been many years since we visited wine country together, so we soaked up every minute of our two days to enjoy the experience. In years past, I would always be the planner of our [...]

Embracing the Snow

When you live in the beautiful state of Colorado and it snows, you have two choices. You can stay inside and cuddle by the fire to stay warm. Or you can brave the roads, drive (slowly) to your favorite resort, and hit the slopes. Although I don’t actually like being cold, good clothing choices help [...]