A Fond Farewell to 2014!


Another year has come and gone, but what a great year it has been. I know I’m getting older, because I have the feeling that time is speeding up and each year really does seem to go faster than the last. 2014 Adventures This year’s adventures were pretty active, living out my #MoveHappy motto. Getting […]

Adventures in France: Versailles and Paris


It’s finally time for the last installment of our vacation in France! Two weeks is a wonderfully long time and it has taken over a month to share everything with you. After finishing our cycling tour of Bordeaux, we headed back up to Versailles to spend a few days exploring this area. You can catch up […]

8 Tips for Planning a Cycling Vacation


When we decided to plan a cycling trip through France, I didn’t know anyone else who had done this type of trip. I knew I liked to ride my bike and liked to travel, so surely the two would fit nicely together. I also knew I didn’t want a group tour, where I would be […]

Adventures in France: Finishing in Bordeaux

2014-09-08 11.27.08

We’re finally at the end of the cycling tour in this recap series. In case you missed it, we spent the first few weeks of September in France, which included an 7-day cycling tour of the Bordeaux region. You can catch up on all my recaps here. We left off last week with two days […]

What Is Fall?


We are to weeks into the third season of the year. There are those that are thrilled with the chill in the air after a hot summer. Some are focused on cheering on their favorite team. Others are eating all the apples and pumpkins that can be found. For me, Fall is the smell of […]

Adventures in France: Saint Emilion


Are you ready for more about our cycling trip through Bordeaux? In case you missed the earlier posts, let me give you the quick summary. We started our ride from Bordeaux to Saint Macaire (40 miles), staying one night in this walled, medieval village. Next we rode from Saint Macaire to Sainte-Gemme (21 miles), with […]

Adventures in France: Sainte-Gemme

2014-09-04 16.53.16

I’m back today with more about our cycling adventure through Bordeaux. Last week, I covered the first few days – including the city of Bordeaux and our overnight in Saint Macaire. Today we’re getting back on the bike and heading toward Sainte-Gemme. You can see all my France vacation recaps here. Day 3 – Saint Macaire […]

Adventures in France: Bordeaux + Saint Macaire


Are you ready for more from our vacation in France? Last week I recapped our time in the Loire Valley, which was the first 3 days of the trip. Now it’s time to hop on a train even further south, to Bordeaux. You can see all my France vacation recaps here. Day 1 – Bordeaux Even if you’re […]

Adventures in France: Loire Valley


A little over a week of our amazing French vacation has come and gone. With a two week vacation, we still have a full 5 days of relaxation and beautiful France to go. But I have had some down time to start editing photos to share with you, as well. You can see all my France vacation […]