Adventures in France: Saint Emilion


Are you ready for more about our cycling trip through Bordeaux? In case you missed the earlier posts, let me give you the quick summary. We started our ride from Bordeaux to Saint Macaire (40 miles), staying one night in this walled, medieval village. Next we rode from Saint Macaire to Sainte-Gemme (21 miles), with [...]

Adventures in France: Sainte-Gemme

2014-09-04 16.53.16

I’m back today with more about our cycling adventure through Bordeaux. Last week, I covered the first few days – including the city of Bordeaux and our overnight in Saint Macaire. Today we’re getting back on the bike and heading toward Sainte-Gemme. Day 3 – Saint Macaire to Sainte-Gemme I knew that today was going to [...]

Adventures in France: Loire Valley


A little over a week of our amazing French vacation has come and gone. With a two week vacation, we still have a full 5 days of relaxation and beautiful France to go. But I have had some down time to start editing photos to share with you, as well. We started our adventure in [...]

Making Every Day More Like Vacation

4 Tips to make every day more like Vacation //

Happy Labor Day!! When we take vacation that overlaps with a holiday, we always say it doesn’t even count as a real vacation day. It’s free days and vacation doesn’t really start until tomorrow, even though we are currently in France. Yes, we’re nerdy like that! Since I think we all could use a little [...]