7 Pumpkin Recipes to Celebrate Fall


Are you going through the pumpkin craze with me? It’s a flavor I actually enjoy occasionally throughout the year, but I go into pumpkin overload every Fall.  To celebrate this classic Fall flavor, I am rounding up seven of my favorite pumpkin recipes. Most of these recipes are healthy, many are vegan or gluten free, [...]

Hot Maple-Nut Bourbon


There’s something special about every season, but I do find something very special about Fall. We’re a week into the season and it already feels and smells like the season. We spent the weekend in Crested Butte, which is within 30 minutes of the largest Aspen colony in the world. It’s so large, it can [...]

Chocolate Spice Protein Waffles


This past Saturday, my grandfather passed away. He started to get sick about a month ago, but things went pretty quickly. I’m so lucky to have had a grandfather like him in my life – someone to take me fishing, flying, and tell me lots of stories (some real, some made up) about life. We [...]

Coconut Curry Cod

Coconut Curry Cod // FITaspire.com

We’re back home after a wonderful few weeks in France and it’s back to reality. That expression always sounds a little silly to me, but it really does describe that transition to and from vacation pretty well. Especially when I can manage 2 weeks away at a time, it feels like a mini retirement. If only [...]

Coffee Spice Kombucha Float


A few weeks ago I had an unusual craving after work. I had seen an ice cream float earlier in the day, but wanted a healthier alternative to the typical version. With my recent love for Arctic Zero, I decided to check out the flavors they had available. I immediately zeroed in on coffee. Perfect! [...]