Coconut Curry Cod

Coconut Curry Cod //

We’re back home after a wonderful few weeks in France and it’s back to reality. That expression always sounds a little silly to me, but it really does describe that transition to and from vacation pretty well. Especially when I can manage 2 weeks away at a time, it feels like a mini retirement. If only [...]

Coffee Spice Kombucha Float


A few weeks ago I had an unusual craving after work. I had seen an ice cream float earlier in the day, but wanted a healthier alternative to the typical version. With my recent love for Arctic Zero, I decided to check out the flavors they had available. I immediately zeroed in on coffee. Perfect! [...]

Honey Mustard Roasted Brussels Sprouts


One of the side benefits of healthy eating and following a nutrition plan is the forced creativity. I found this was true when following a plant-based diet as well, since it gives you guidelines to work within. Your perspective on those guidelines is important – do you see it as inspiration for creativity or limitations? [...]