Top 10 Fitness & Nutrition Posts of 2014


As we get closer to the end of the year, I appreciate the chance to look back and reflect on the year. It’s a great chance to see what you like most, which usually happens to be some of my favorites. Today I’m focusing in on those that fall under the fitness & nutrition topics. […]

Chocolate Peppermint Cake [+ Giveaway]

Chocolate Peppermint Cake//

This weekend, our street held our first progressive dinner to celebrate the holidays. We had 3 host homes in the progression, with ours hosting dessert and after-dinner drinks. We offered decorate-your-own Christmas cookies (which didn’t work out quite as well as I hoped) and this Chocolate Peppermint Cake. It’s always nice to have a room […]

Maple Cherry Porkchops


It’s Thanksgiving week! Our celebrations are well underway, as we had our first Thanksgiving dinner with Kirk’s family on Saturday in Athens. We started the day by heading to the game, then back to his Uncle’s house for an early dinner that went into the wee hours. It was great to catch up with all the […]

Savory Waffle Eggs Benedict


Breakfast is fun. Especially on the weekend, when I wake of dreaming of something delicious. This weekend, I woke up dreaming of eggs benedict. But we were completely out of bread and it was cold outside! Although I love the beautiful snow, I wasn’t ready to head out into it first thing in the morning. […]

Healthier Pulled Pork + Waffles


A few months ago I had a memorable dinner at a local restaurant. It wasn’t really an entree that was on the menu, but a few separate menu items caught my eye and an incredible dinner was born. You’ve heard of Chicken & Waffles, but I am not a fan of chicken. I do, however, […]

Apple Crisp Smoothie


Remember that apple recipe drought? I think it’s officially over… I’m currently coaching my Mom and she complained that I didn’t have enough smoothie recipes on the blog. In fact, I really have only created a few. Surprised? So was I! After thinking about it, I realized that my smoothie creations are typically a quick […]

Apple Sage Sablefish


This weekend was the first in a month that we haven’t had company at our house. It started with family friends for GABF (the biggest beer festival in at least the US), followed by Kirk’s parents first visit (his Mom had been afraid of flying), and end with my parents last weekend (when my Dad […]