7 Tips for Hiking a Colorado 14er


Before I moved to Colorado (over three years ago), I wouldn’t have described myself as an outdoor enthusiast. I loved to run and cycle outside, but the only time I really explored the outdoors was when I was a girl scout troop leader (in my 20s). So it’s fair to say that I was a […]

Scuba Diving in Belize (Turneffe Resort)


It’s been over a month since I returned from Belize, but it’s taken a bit of time to work through all the photos and thoughts on this fantastic trip. I couldn’t let this pass without sharing some of the experience with all of you! Why Belize? As you know, I love adventure travel. And this […]

Backpacking in Buffalo Peaks Wilderness


It’s been almost three years since we moved from Georgia to Colorado. I was most excited to move here for the snowboarding, but I’ve been branching out to more outdoor adventures every year. The first year was all about hiking, culminating in my first 14er. Last year we tackled our first hut trip, woefully unprepared […]

FITaspire Favorites: June


It feels like summer and the torrential rains seem to have stopped in Colorado, so I think it’s finally time for summer favorites! This weekend we have plans to head out on my first backpacking trip (Kirk has some experience in this area) and I’m as excited as a kid! I have plenty of camping […]

Stick with Your Healthy Goals Through Travel

Healthy Travel Tips

When you’re home, staying on top of your health & fitness goals can seem easier. You have access to your normal gym, a kitchen stocked with the foods you plan, and a schedule you can (usually) control. Those familiar surroundings are out the window when you travel. A new gym every week, eating out most […]

Does Puma Pulse XT Pass My Test?


How I love my workout gear! I think I have more fitness clothes than work clothes at this point. And that’s just fine with me. All that workout gear means I know what I like at this point — so I’m getting particular about what I choose to wear. So when I get new gear to […]

Estes Park – Colorado Weekend Getaway


A few weeks ago, Kirk and I were invited to spend the weekend exploring Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park thanks to the team at Visit Estes Park. Even though we’ve lived in Colorado for over 2 1/2 years, this was our first visit to the area and Rocky Mountain National Park. With the […]

Momentum Motivational Fitness Jewelry {+Giveaway}


Back in January, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway for jewelry on Christine’s blog for a company I didn’t know much about. The concept was right up my alley, with inspiring messages stamped on jewelry that you could wear to the gym or anywhere else. Once I opened up my prize box and put on […]

3 Tips to Restore Balance in Your Life


This year is off to a crazy start. Since I kicked off the year by starting a new job, my schedule is all out of whack and I’m still figuring out what normal looks like. Add in my first bulking season, weekends in the mountains, and more travel for work — what was working for […]