Honey Mustard Roasted Brussels Sprouts


One of the side benefits of healthy eating and following a nutrition plan is the forced creativity. I found this was true when following a plant-based diet as well, since it gives you guidelines to work within. Your perspective on those guidelines is important – do you see it as inspiration for creativity or limitations? [...]

Eating All The Foods in One Week!


What does one eat the week after a bikini competition? That depends! If your favorite foodie is staying with you for the week, probably a lot. I had so much to share with Laura and only 10 days to do it. So we fit in as much as we could. That, of course, included lots [...]

Need Your Vote! #ReinventYourRecipe Showdown


Hello again! I’m stopping by or a rare second post to share my entry into the Snack Out Loud #ReinventYourRecipe Showdown! I was invited as one of three Colorado bloggers to create an original recipe featuring the Snack Out Loud Crunchy Bean Snacks. This was my first introduction to the product and I had a [...]