Christmas Carol Speedplay (Running Workout)


This is one of my favorite times of year for a run. When I have an evening free, I love to bundle up in layers and head out to run past all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood! To make the experience even more fun, wouldn’t it be great to enjoy a christmas carol soundtrack? […]

4 Tips for Running in the Dark


The days are getting shorter. If you’re a runner, this is the time of year to make a big decision. Will you keep running outside in the dark? Head indoors to the treadmill? Or hang up your shoes until the spring? I think running is most enjoyable when you can keep moving throughout the year […]

5 Fitness Posts to help you #MoveHappy


Are you a fan of Pinterest? I am!! It’s the way I keep track of things I want to cook, want to make, want to wear, or just like in general. It’s like an unending supply of photo inspiration. By the way – are you following me on Pinterest? If not, click here and fix that!  […]

Learning How to Race a 5K


When I first started running, my pace was pretty similar at any race that I ran. From the 5K to the half marathon, my body knew how to run at that pace for any period of time. When I got to the point where I wanted to run faster, I learned about training at different […]

2 Treadmill Workouts to Improve Speed


A few weeks ago, I began addressing a common question for many runners – how do I get faster? I started by looking at performance supplements that can support your training efforts. Next I gave you 4 steps set your training paces, so you can train at the right pace for each type of run. […]

6 Tips for Running When You Travel


This past week I had the opportunity to visit several beautiful cities. I attended a Digital Marketing conference in San Francisco, so we flew out early to enjoy wine country over the weekend (more to come next week on that trip!). On Sunday morning, we had the chance to do a trail run in Muir […]

How to Choose Running Paces

How to Choose Running Paces

Many people who run have a similar goal – to get faster! If that’s you, it’s time to consider choosing running paces that will help you reach your goal. Once you’ve built your distance to include runs over 3 miles, you can plan a simple run test to choose the right training paces for you.. […]

Can Comparison Be Good?


We’re halfway through the week, but it feels like the start of the week for me. I’ve been finding this awful respiratory infection that has completely knocked me out since Sunday. I am very rarely sick (typically once per year), so being out of work for 2 days straight is unheard of for me! As […]

#MoveHappy Challenge: Final Winner + Discount!

Happy New Year!! I hope you had the day off yesterday to celebrate the first day of 2014 and maybe watch a little football. We cheered on my beloved Georgia Bulldogs in the Gator Bowl, but the game didn’t go quite the way I hoped and we ended the season with a loss. Darn. Week […]

Competition Countdown – Only 6 Weeks to Go!

You know how everyone says time flies? I’m feeling that pretty strongly right now as I’m under 6 weeks to my first fitness competition! There are times when I feel confident and strong, but honestly much of the time I’m freaked out right now. I know in my head this is part of the process […]

How To Measure Progress in Training


Whether you’re training for an endurance event (like running & triathlon) or a fitness competition, tracking your progress is important for both motivation and refining your training. I’ve talked earlier this year about why and how you should be tracking your workouts. This time I want to talk about how you can measure your progress […]

A Rainbow of Fun at The Color Run in Denver


This weekend I participated in my second color-filled fun run! The Color Run came to downtown Denver to fill the streets around Coors Field with crazy, fun runners who were more concerned with getting doused with color-infused cornstarch than setting a new personal record. And I LOVED it!! Disclosure: I received entries to The Color […]

Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer Review + Giveaway!


Disclosure: I was provided with samples of Vega Sport Sugar-Gree Energizer in exchange for my honest opinions about the products. All opinions are my own. ******************** A little over a month ago, I was getting ready for our long vacation to Australia. Around the same time, my favorite sports nutrition company launched a new product. […]

LiveFit Trainer Week 9 + Color Run Discount!

Have you missed my weekly training recaps? I hope so, because I’m back this week! I’m back in Colorado and finally moving forward with LiveFit Trainer! I wish I could say that I completed all of my LiveFit Trainer Week 9 workouts, but the reality is I did my best. Work is extremely busy right […]

Training Peaks University


Last weekend, Kirk and I attended the inaugural Training Peaks University in Boulder. It was a small group of around 20 coaches from around the country, come together to learn how to maximize Training Peaks as a coach, utilize advanced tracking and charts within the tool, and expand our knowledge on Advanced Power & Pacing […]

Setting BIG Goals and the Benefit of Fear


Do you “Dream Big”? The kind of dreams like being CEO one day, climbing Mount Everest, ending world hunger, or curing cancer? When you set goals for yourself in your professional life – do you to aim to shatter records or achieve things that seem crazy to others? As a manager in the workplace, I […]

Eating on the Run {Fitness Friday}


As an athlete and coach, one of the things I think is important is constant learning. With so many new concepts being shared, I’m admittedly critical when I hear new nutrition strategies. There are times when things make sense in theory, but in practice it doesn’t work for me. During my USA Triathlon certification last […]

Yeti Chase 10K Recap


On Sunday morning, I ran race with a Yeti! The Yeti Chase 10K was the second of three races in the Running Underground’s Winter Running Series. The first was the Stocking Run 5K in December (that I never blogged about). After flying back home from Austin on Saturday night, I was very happy that the […]

Want to get Pretty Muddy…for Cheaper?

Have you heard of Pretty Muddy? It’s one of the mud races that have started over the past few years, where you complete a 5K course covered with obstacles and get dirty! Some of the features they boast are: 5k Course (3.1 miles, run or walk) Women Only (sorry, guys) Mud (lots of it) Architectural […]

Best of 2012: Race Year in Review

I’m back with another post for today! I was so excited to share my Zensah sports bra review this morning, but I also wanted to look back at this year in races. So two posts for the price of one today. This year actually felt a little light on races for me. With the move […]