Can Comparison Be Good?


We’re halfway through the week, but it feels like the start of the week for me. I’ve been finding this awful respiratory infection that has completely knocked me out since Sunday. I am very rarely sick (typically once per year), so being out of work for 2 days straight is unheard of for me! As [...]

Competition Countdown – Only 6 Weeks to Go!

You know how everyone says time flies? I’m feeling that pretty strongly right now as I’m under 6 weeks to my first fitness competition! There are times when I feel confident and strong, but honestly much of the time I’m freaked out right now. I know in my head this is part of the process [...]

How To Measure Progress in Training

Whether you’re training for an endurance event (like running & triathlon) or a fitness competition, tracking your progress is important for both motivation and refining your training. I’ve talked earlier this year about why and how you should be tracking your workouts. This time I want to talk about how you can measure your progress [...]

5 Tips for Morning Workouts [+ Training Update]

As a working adult in training for a fitness competition, there’s always something competing for my attention. Fitting it all in can be a challenge, so I have to make some tough choices. One of those choices for me is the dreaded early morning workout. For some people these early workouts are easy, but I [...]