My Post-Competition Nutrition + Workouts


It’s been a full month since my second bikini competition. I’m doing things different this time around and have continued to work with my trainer without a break. Last time I enjoyed the break, but ignoring my nutrition wasn’t the healthiest decision and I knew it. I learned what didn’t work for me and decided [...]

Planning an Active Vacation in France


I make no secret about the fact that I work for vacation. If I could figure out a way to travel the world, exploring new places, and get paid for it – I would. Until then, I plan my year around the trips that we can fit into our vacation time. With so many places [...]

Yoga on the Rocks + Hiking Mt Bierstadt


Last Saturday I had another one of those days where I take 110% advantage of living in Colorado. Yup, that’s over 100%. Hiking a 14er alone is taking 100% advantage, but when you wake up early to start with a yoga warm-up at Red Rocks, you get extra credit!   Yoga on the Rocks As [...]

Keeping #MoveHappy Alive! (Or Why I Workout)


The thought behind this post started over the weekend on a hike with one of my friends and fellow bikini competitors. When you hike a 14er, you have lots of time to talk and our conversation covered a lot of ground. But one of the main topics we talked about was fitness. Why do we [...]

Hiking Quandry Peak (My Second 14er)


Two weekends ago, we hit two summer Colorado adventures while Laura was in town. Last week I covered our whitewater rafting trip on the Colorado River, which was Saturday’s adventure. Today it’s time to move to Sunday, when we hiked my second 14er, Quandry Peak! This was Laura’s first 14er and Kirk’s 3rd. We chose [...]