5 Fitness Finds for the Techno Geek

techno geek

I realized (again) on vacation how much of a technology geek I am. When going to France for a (primarily) cycling vacation, who else brings a boatload of electronics with them? My backpack was filled with all the “essentials” any good digital geek needs. It’s a good think laptops have gotten so think and light, [...]

How To Be an Athlete Your Coach Will Love!


I’ve had a few conversations with friends and athletes recently as we’ve expanded our coaching services. The question is: what makes a good athlete? What does that even mean? For me, I would describe a “good athlete” as someone who is easy to coach. Not because they are the most gifted or the most fit, [...]

Women’s Cycling at Tour de France

2014 Optum Pro Cycling Training Camp | February 16th, 2014 | C. Sam Wiebe

Since I’m currently cycling through the countryside of France, I thought it especially appropriate to share today’s post with you about Le Course, which was part of Tour de France this year for the first time. Whether you’re a cyclist or not, most people have heard of Tour de France. When Optum Pro Cycling reached [...]