Sweat On The Road (Bodyweight Workout)


I’m getting ready to start a week of travel for Thanksgiving, which can often throw a wrench into your fitness schedule. Although I prefer to plan ahead to find a gym in the area, there are times that it’s just not going to happen. For those times, it’s best to have a backup plan. Because you […]

The Problem with If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM)


There’s a trend in fitness nutrition called IIFYM (or If It Fits Your Macros). It appears to be gaining momentum recently, as demonstrated by over 1.3M instagram posts tagged with the acronym. I know I have personally used it many times when sharing some of my own food photos. In case this isn’t a topic familiar […]

3 Things NOT to Do at the Gym


We all have them. Those things that others do at the gym that drives you crazy. You take a deep breath, roll your eyes, and try to get on with your workout. But I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in finding these things annoying. So let’s have a little fun today and commiserate together. Then […]

Scary Good Leg Workout


Happy Halloween! Although I’m not the girl who creates a haunted house for the neighborhood kids OR watches a scary movie every night of October (or any night), I do love this holiday. Who am I kidding, I love any excuse to celebrate. My celebrations actually started last week with festivities at work. Since it […]

4 Tips for Running in the Dark


The days are getting shorter. If you’re a runner, this is the time of year to make a big decision. Will you keep running outside in the dark? Head indoors to the treadmill? Or hang up your shoes until the spring? I think running is most enjoyable when you can keep moving throughout the year […]