25 Resources for Running

25 Resources for Runners // Use this guide to get started, train for your next race, push through obstacles, and more!

Of all the sports and adventures I’ve enjoyed over the years, running continues to be my favorite. It’s the sport I’ve never stopped (for long), it’s my cardio of choice even through competition training. It requires minimal equipment, can be done anywhere, at any time, and gives you the endurance to experience so many other […]

7 Tips for Hiking a Colorado 14er


Before I moved to Colorado (over three years ago), I wouldn’t have described myself as an outdoor enthusiast. I loved to run and cycle outside, but the only time I really explored the outdoors was when I was a girl scout troop leader (in my 20s). So it’s fair to say that I was a […]

Running Tips for Mature Athletes


This week’s question came from one of my more mature readers. That’s my politically correct way of saying someone who’s getting a bit older.  I love this question, because I fully intend to be running and racing well into my senior years! I want to be fit and active to explore the world well into […]

TRX Workout: Chest, Back, Core

TRX Strength: Chest, Back, Core

Workout motivation is an interesting thing. There are times when I am so excited about my workouts that I jump out of bed in the morning excited to sweat! Then there are times where I wonder if someone else can do my workout for me. How cool would it be if that worked? No matter which camp you’re in, there’s […]

5 Truths for Lifetime Fitness


The more years that go by, the more I appreciate how important fitness is for enjoying life. I like the short-term perk of “looking fit” (although that’s mostly nutrition), but the biggest benefit is the ability to experience life’s adventures. I want to have the energy and fitness to explore the world for many, many, many years to […]

Triathlon Training with Limited Time


With 3 sports, plus transitions, triathlon training is not the easiest thing to squeeze into a time-crunched schedule. But if work or life is taking over more time these days, do you have to abandon the sport? It CAN be done! Now, do I think you can typically get better results with more training time? Yes! But […]

Best Triathlon Race Checklist

tri race checklist

Triathlon races are known for many things. The early start, lines of people waiting to have strangers write on their body with a black marker, the friendly participants, and the long list of gear you bring to the starting line. Unlike running, this is a sport that requires a lot of stuff! With all the […]

Tips for Starting Triathlon Training {Triathlon Q+A}


Have you been thinking about signing up for your first triathlon? Then you’re going to LOVE today’s topic! Many people look at triathlon after getting comfortable (and maybe a little bored?) with their current sport. Runners looking to mix things up, swimmers who want a new challenge, or cyclists who are looking for a more […]

Shopping Improved at Dicks Sporting Goods (+ $25 Giveaway)


I am not the most patient shopper. In fact, going to a store is not something I enjoy in most situations. When I think of shopping, the picture that comes to mind is racks of clothes pushed together in a tight configuration that you can barely squeeze through. Discarded items cast aside and often mixed […]