The Truth About Bulking {Bikini Comp Q+A}

The Truth About Bulking (Bikini Competition Q&A) //

It’s the first week of prep for my third bikini competition! After three months of bulking, I am incredibly excited to start cutting calories and start to uncover the muscle that I have (hopefully) built over the past few months. To celebrate the start of bikini prep (and because I thought it would be fun), […]

Momentum Motivational Fitness Jewelry {+Giveaway}


Back in January, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway for jewelry on Christine’s blog for a company I didn’t know much about. The concept was right up my alley, with inspiring messages stamped on jewelry that you could wear to the gym or anywhere else. Once I opened up my prize box and put on […]

Legs & Arms Workout


It’s officially spring, but I am still in denial. I know I’m in the minority, but I’m not done with my snowboarding and snowshoeing adventures quite yet. The slopes here in Colorado are still open for another month, so I plan to squeeze every last drop out of winter. And remind myself that Spring really […]

Upper Body Focus Workout (Chest, Back, and Shoulders)


How is your “Spring Forward” adjustment going? I feel like it always takes me at least a week to adjust to the time change. I don’t miss the morning daylight and I really appreciate the extra daylight after work, but for some reason it’s just harder to get out of bed. That lost hour is […]

3 Tips to Restore Balance in Your Life


This year is off to a crazy start. Since I kicked off the year by starting a new job, my schedule is all out of whack and I’m still figuring out what normal looks like. Add in my first bulking season, weekends in the mountains, and more travel for work — what was working for […]

How to Stay Motivated Long After New Years


Raise your hand if you started a new fitness or nutrition routine at the start of the year. Now keep your hand raised if you’re still committed to that new routine. If you’re hand’s still raised — you are beating the odds (AWESOME job)!  Over 55% of new years resolutions are discarded after just a […]

FITaspire Favorites: February


It’s been quite a while since I shared some of my favorite products with you. But I’m coming back with a (blue) splash today to share some of the things I’m loving this month. This is a combination of things that I’ve purchased myself and things I’ve been given the opportunity to review, but all […]

5 Tips for Morning Workouts


Today is the last day in my current full-time job. I’ve had the pleasure of working at my current company for over 2 1/2 years, helping to shape the digital strategy for a medical device company that truly changes lives. Now it’s time to move on to my next adventure – changing industries, but staying […]

3 Changes for a Healthier Year


The start of a new year usually brings plans for a fresh start. You can make a change at any time, but there’s a little extra expectation and motivation that comes with that new year feeling. This year is your year. If one of your goals is to be healthier this year (it’s always on […]