Is HIIT Cardio Required? {Bikini Comp Q+A}


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a popular training method, especially with bikini competitors you see online. Is HIIT the cardio method required for competing? That’s the question I’m tackling in today’s video – does my cardio training move to mainly HIIT as I get closer to a show? You know I love my running […]

Why I Am Postponing My Bikini Competition


The first 13 weeks of the year I focused on gaining muscle. I tackled my first bulking season, which a lot less fun than I expected. The last 7 weeks have been focused on leaning out and preparing for my 3rd bikini competition. Coming down from the heaviest I have ever been, traveling the most […]

Run Training After a Break


Running has been my go-to sport for well over a decade now. I spent years working up to longer and longer distances, then really working on building my speed. At the beginning of this year, I took three months off running to focus on building muscle. That’s the longest break I can recall from running. […]

Why Do I Compete? (Bikini Comp Q+A)

EatingPrep (1)

I love honest questions. They make me smile, because not everyone will ask them (even if many people are thinking it). Today’s question was submitted anonymously, but I just love that someone asked! Why Do You Compete – Is there a Cash Prize?

What Do You Eat During Prep? {Bikini Comp Q+A)


Do you know what the most common question I hear when training for bikini competitions is? Yep – it’s all about the food! I get so many questions about what I eat that I was surprised to only see this question come up once. Maybe I talked about my diet enough the last few years many […]

FITaspire Favorites: April {Fitness, Food, Beauty}


This month has just flown by – I can’t believe we are in the last few days of April already! The major ski resorts are closed and it’s time to move ahead to warm-weather activities in Colorado. Although I don’t write off the chance of snow until after Mother’s Day.  This month’s favorites is a […]

BolderBOULDER – America’s All-Time Best 10K

4 Facts about BolderBOULDER

It’s been almost a year since I participated in a running race. Although my own training focus has shifted the last few years, I still describe myself as an endurance athlete who happens to love strength training. Although my primary goal for the year is my third bikini competition, I’m excited to announce that I’m […]

How Much do Bikini Competitions Cost?


It’s time to answer another reader about bikini competitions – the third in the series answering your questions! This week I’m answering Amy’s questions – two questions actually: do you really need a coach AND how much do bikini competitions cost? Check out the video to hear my answers on this topic:

Time Commitment for Prep {Bikini Comp Q+A}


I’m back this week with the second video in my new video series answering your questions about bikini competitions. I’m so glad that you guys enjoyed the first one last week — I’m actually enjoying filming them more than I expected! This week I’m answering Morgan’s questions on the time commitment required for prep – […]