Best of 2012: Top 5 WIAW Shares

As we get close to the end of the year, I enjoy looking back and remembering all the fun times we’ve had in 2012! One of the oldest traditions here on Better With Veggies is What I Ate Wednesday. It’s not something I do every week, but I’ve participated in around 20 this year!
I love Jenn’s weekly party, even when I don’t get the chance to participate. It’s a great way to find inspiration for your next meal and meet new friends. Make sure you check out her post today and visit a few new-to-you blogs on the round-up!
With that said, I’m celebrate the holidays #WIAW-style by looking at what I ate on Tuesday, PLUS a look back at 5 memorable WIAW posts from 2012!
Best of 2012 - WIAW

What I Ate Tuesday

You know why I’ve only participated in 20 WIAW weeks, instead of 52? Because I am terrible about remembering to photograph all my meals! This part of the post might be a little lacking in photography, as I did it again this week. I remember AFTER it’s been gobbled up…oops!

Breakfast – Chikn & Waffles, Kirk-style. We had some Gardein Mandarin Orange Chikn Strips in the freezer, so he covered them in a yummy sauce, served with toast and homemade apple butter. So yummy, especially after a very late night at work. :)

Lunch – I left my planned lunch on the counter at home, but had an Annie Chun Udon Noodle bowl in my cabinet for emergencies. Lunch was served!

Snack – I ran after work, then needed a snack to make it through my strength workout. I treated myself to two cookies and some steamed beets I had leftover from this peppermint cream cake that I brought to the office potluck on Monday.

Dinner – And finally, the one meal I remember to photograph: Nachos!!

Nacho Cheeze

We loaded the chips full of beans, tomatoes, baby kale, avocado, and my homemade (vegan) nacho cheeze. Kirk made some fresh Margaritas and we ate while watching Christmas movies. :)


And now let’s take a look back of some of the best WIAW posts of the year. I hope you find a new restaurant to visit or meal to make from these!

What I Ate Wednesday – California-Style!

This recap was from my weekend in California for the Jed Smith 50K – and covered goodies in both Sacramento & Sonoma!

California Eats

Walnut Crusted Tofu and Spicy Kale Salad {Recipe}

Featuring one of my favorite recipes, this WIAW includes Korean BBQ (which I still need to find in Denver), a Scotch Tasting party we hosted, and the entrée from the first pairing dinner we had at our house (in Atlanta)!

Korean BBQ

A Typical Week of Summer Eats {WIAW}

A different type of WIAW post, this looks at a typical week of food at our house. Featuring recipes from blogs, websites, and my first #MMAZ share!

Other People's Recipes

Plant-Based Eating aboard the Disney Fantasy

Can you cruise on a plant-based diet? Absolutely!! And if you’re on the Disney Fantasy, you’ll be eating WELL! Take a look at just some of the highlights from my meals while cruising the Caribbean.

2012 - Disney Cruise Vegan Food

Raw Food Night at Root Down

My first raw food dinner was at the amazing Root Down – and remains my favorite raw dinner so far. If you’ve ever wondered what someone would eat on a raw diet, you have to check out all these amazing dishes!

Root Down Raw Dinner


Question for you:

  • Looking back on your year, what is one memorable meal or recipe that stands out? Feel free to link up to a post that helps describe it!

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh, I remember both your Disney cruise pics AND the raw food post, and how jealous I was of both. :) I recently told someone I wanted to go on a Disney cruise because I heard they were so good about catering to special diets, and the people I was talking to thought I was crazy.

    I think the first memorable meal that pops in my head was my mom’s wedding dinner. We were in the Adirondacks, and I totally went off the vegan train that night…but it was a cool ambiance and AMAZINGLY delicious plunge into the world of seafood, butter, and chocolate decadence.
    Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen recently posted…‘Sprout’ It Out! [#WIAW]My Profile

    • says

      People often think I’m crazy too, I just think we’re cooler than them. 😉

      And I remember that wedding food post! I think that means we really are into food, we even remember other people’s food when we weren’t actually there!

  2. says

    Can Kirk come make me breakfast? That gardein meal sounds amazing! I have some of their regular filets in the freezer, some of my favorite meat subs, if I’m going with premade stuff. And oh my gosh, thank you for mentioning that peppermint cake recipe–it sounds amazing, and my mom loves cashew-based desserts, so I juuust might have to pack up my peppermint extract so I can make one over the holiday 😉 With a peppermint martini on the side, perhaps…
    Allie recently posted…What I Ate W(hen It Was Almost Christmas)My Profile

    • Kirk says

      Perfect idea on the peppermint martini. I made one up for Heather last night with a little added dark cocoa powder and a red sugar coated rim. It didn’t last long and would pair well with the cake since it wasn’t too sweet.

  3. says

    I love doing the nachos-for-dinner thing and I’ll have to give it a try with your nacho cheeze sauce!

    The best meals I’ve had this year were at a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Fort Collins–I got a raw enchilada with a side of rawfried ‘beans’ made of nuts but it tasted just like beans, and then another time I got a huge sweet potato topped with chocolate chili, cashew cheese and tempeh bacon. I can’t wait to go back!
    Ashley @ AlmostVegGirlie recently posted…WIAW: 6 DaysMy Profile

  4. Kirk says

    For those curious about the sauce mentioned for the chikn and waffles, I used a dark honey (not quite molasses dark) and buffalo mixture. Gives it a coating of sweet and spicy. Yum!

  5. says

    When you said “memorable” the first thing that popped into my head was these black bean noodles I bought. So pretty in the package, they looked like grey death when cooked. Your pics look way tastier 😉 I know better than to read food blogs while hungry.

    I had some sea kelp noodles for the first time this year and they were awesome!
    Joanna @ Midwestern Bite recently posted…CANNED PUMPKIN IS NOT SEASONALMy Profile

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