Back on the Workout Wagon Again!

I’m so glad you guys liked the first course of our Taste of Europe menu yesterday! There are still 3 more courses to go, but today I want to shift gears back to Fitness. Why?

Because after a full month of NO workouts, I am ready to get back at it again!!

I know that 4 weeks off is too much time for many people, but I enjoy my recharging time every year to help get my thirst for healthy back. And now I am so ready to get back on the workout wagon and start eating healthier again!

There were a few glimmers of “active Heather” last week with Lauren & Laura. We went hiking, snowboarding, and even ran a 5K!


During downtime of vacation, I finally took the time to lay out on my annual training plan (ATP), including the big mileage for each week through Ironman Cairns. Laying out Ironman training after a month of doing nothing is a great motivator. After a brief panicked moment, I remember I have 6 months until the big race. BUT – it IS time to start building that base again.

With that in mind, I decided to join Lindsay’sElf for Health” this weekend to make my reintroduction to the active world a little more fun.


Monday: Go Meatless Today! You know this one was a stretch, right? I made my own personal challenge to eat TONS of fruits & veggies.

Tuesday: Send a card or handwritten note to a friend. I’m terrible at stuff like this, who wants a card?

Wednesday: Try a new workout today! 

Thursday: Get up 15 minutes early to mediate and reflect. Great idea – and it will make my birthday even longer!

Friday: How many different colors can you eat today?

Saturday: Clean out your closet! Fill a bag with clothes to donate to Goodwill. This one may be trickier, since I’ve done this recently, but I’ll try!

My elf buddy for the first few weeks is Tess from Cross Country Cajun. I’m looking forward to supporting each other as we conquer these healthy goals! If you’re interested in Elf For Health, you can still sign up to join the next round in 2 weeks!

So get ready to see lots of #Elf4Health tweets and instagram photos! And of course those sweaty, “flattering”, #FITFLUENTIAL #PROOF photos. Ah, the pictures I share on the internet. 😉


Questions for you:

  • Do you take a yearly break from fitness?
  • What’s your favorite way to get back on the wagon when you’ve been away from fitness for a while?

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  1. Ashley Brown says

    I don’t take breaks for a specific time but I do use cheat days on which I eat my favorite foods. Cheats are very important and effective because it help in controlling our cravings for high calorie food when we are following healthy diet.

    • says

      I haven’t been a dieter with cheat days in a while, but I know it was important when I was limiting more. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel each week! :)

  2. says

    Wow, I guess I didn’t realize you had taken so much time off. I bet you do feel really recharged. I think I would go a little nutty going that long, but, then again, I’ve never ran a marathon. I might feel differently after that! I think writing a handwritten note is such a fabulous idea. I love getting them, and it makes me sad that people don’t really do it anymore.
    Natalie @ Free Range Human recently posted…Dear SantaMy Profile

    • says

      It went by fast, but yep! I try to do a “down” month every year, with only the amount of movement I want to do. Really helps with endurance training for me!

  3. Char @ says

    I love getting hand-written notes, and I’ll often stash them in places (such as my purse, a drawer, etc), so that I’ll randomly find them. It always makes me smile when I do find them without expecting to :)

    I go through my things at least once a year and donate/get rid of things. It’s amazing how quickly STUFF accumulates, and you find things that you completely forgot you owned! lol
    Char @ recently posted…Vegan Veggie Pot PieMy Profile

    • Char @ says

      I just rambled on about me and didn’t comment on your post- whoops! Sorry, haha.

      It’s awesome that you’re getting so many different workouts in. Downtime is definitely important for getting re-motivated, I think. Send some snow this way? I wanna go snowboarding 😀
      Also, I love the Health Elf Checklist. Great idea!
      Char @ recently posted…Vegan Veggie Pot PieMy Profile

  4. says

    I love this elf for health idea! If I weren’t so busy right now, I would so do it! I wouldn’t be a good elf for someone right now though.
    I take a break every year between Christmas and New Years to allow my body to rest and enjoy the holidays! It is awesome to start the New Year off fresh!
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted…Rest and ReflectionMy Profile

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