Baaa! Painting Sheep on Mother’s Day

On Friday evening, my parents were in Atlanta and we were able to go to dinner. Sushi dinner, to be exact, where the sushi chef made me a special (and delicious) veggie sushi! I was a bad blogger (and daughter) and didn’t take any photos to share of that celebration (sorry Mom!!).

On Sunday evening, I went to a painting class at Just for Giggles with my Mother-in-law, Jean! Although my camera issues continued (dead battery this time), my phone filled in to capture the action! :)


The photo is the professional version that served as our “finished” example throughout the night. This is what we started with:

blank canvas

Well almost. This was one of the few classes where the instructor sketched an outline for us to start from:

Sheep Outline

I took pictures of both of our paintings through the process – my painting will be on the left, Jean’s on the right.

I decided to go with a brighter blue background for my painting and Jean went with a more muted pallet of green & blue. We started by painting the background, going as close to the sheep outline as possible (and painting over the legs).

Sheep background - Heather     Sheep background - Jean

After the background, we filled in the sheep’s body with peach color. Then we went over the body with white swirls to add texture and depth. I wish I had taken a photo after the flat peach color – it was so boring that point. It’s amazing to watch the painting come out through the 2 hour allotted time.

After the swirls, we filled in the ears, face, knees, and legs with black paint. I also My legs turned out a little thick – perfection is not required, right?! :)

Then we added in the face details. I went with a very subtle color difference (in case I screwed it up!).

Sheep Filled - Heather     Sheep Filled - Jean

Finally, we added in the hearts. I was a little unsure about this step, but it really did give it a more finished feel.

Sheep Finished - Heather     Sheep Finished - Jean

I think this was a wonderful way to spend a few hours on Mother’s Day! The finished products are so cute and I love that they have their own personalities. Now I just need to find a good home for this painting, because it doesn’t quite fit in my décor. 

Happy Mother's Day

Sometimes it’s more about the activity than the result. :)


Questions for you:

  • How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?
  • Have you taken a painting class in your area?

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    • says

      Yes – if she loves to paint, she’ll be so impressed with your idea. My first painting class was a date night – we have both of our paintings hanging in the dining room now!

    • says

      When I started painting the swirls, I wasn’t sure I was going to like the outcome. I’m learning to trust and keep painting though, since the result is typically worth the risk. :)

  1. Lee says

    I did one once at a place in Brookhaven. It was fun. Maybe we should do a blogger meetup at one of these places, since you can bring your own food and drinks.

    • says

      Yes – wine (or beer) + painting = awesome. I had a pumpkin homebrew during this class, one large format is perfect for one person over 2 hours. :)

  2. Kelly @ No Sugar Sweet Life says

    Yours turned out really cute!! I like your “moody” clouds – very nice :) Glad you had a fun Mothers’ Day weekend. Mine was “ok”…mom ended up getting sick during her visit, so not ideal. We did celebrate early (thankfully) last Thursday with lunch out and massages/facials. That whole day was divine!
    Kelly @ No Sugar Sweet Life recently posted…Forget the Bread, Make the Muffins!My Profile

    • says

      Ok, so I didn’t really “mean” them to be moody, but I’ll take it! So sorry that your mom ended up sick, that’s no way to spend Mother’s Day. :( The massages sounds fun though!!

  3. says

    my mom is out of town (boo) so we will be celebrating when she gets back… I love sheep, and these look especially cute! I have tried to find that kind of painting class in my area, I really want to go to one!
    Kristina recently posted…orange creamsicle cupcakesMy Profile

    • says

      I was really scared (and bad) at my first class, it’s almost like unplanned art school, because you DO get better! You should really try it!!

  4. Tara Noland says

    Nicely done. I enjoyed poking around you site. Cheers, Tara. Come on over to ours we are having a giveaway!!

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