An Empty House – Goodbye Atlanta

Ten and half years ago, we built our first house. We signed the initial paperwork the day after we were married and picked out all the customizations. We watched them pour the foundation, frame the house, raise the walls, and eventually we moved in.

2012-07-08 20.25.35

Today, we officially close the door on that chapter of our life here in Atlanta, because on Friday this truck took all our stuff. Don’t worry, we paid them to do that and they promised to bring it to Colorado!

2012-07-06 15.01.43


I vaguely remembered that the house looked different before we added all our stuff, but watching it happen in reverse confirmed it.

Kitchen: Before

Kitchen from living room    Breakfast nook

Kitchen: Packing


Kitchen: Empty

2012-07-08 20.31.03


The only thing that makes the house not look completely boring, is all the color on the walls. I can’t imagine how odd this must look if you’re someone who keeps the walls white. Although if you’re used to white walls, maybe that’s normal? I even painted the walls in the apartment before we moved to this house. I only lived there for 6 months.

Dining Room: Before

Dining room - facing front 

Dining Room: Packing


Dining Room: Empty

2012-07-08 20.26.23-1


A house is not the same without your belongings. When it’s filled, it expresses part of your personality. When you take that away, it’s just walls and floor. I think our living rooms looks smaller somehow without nothing in it – is that possible? 

Family Room: Before

IMG_9124  IMG_9125

Family Room: Packing


Family Room: Empty

2012-07-08 20.27.12-3  2012-07-08 20.28.37-2


It was amazing what we found while moving out. It was also disgusting sometimes. Smooshed cockroaches under furniture. LOTS of dog hair, even more than our normal amount of doggie tumbleweeds. Old socks. Pretty gross stuff actually.

Guest Room: Before


Guest Room: Packing


Guest room: Empty

2012-07-08 20.30.12


I hope the new renters bring lots of their own things to liven the place back up. It’s a great house and it likes to be filled with people. And animals. They are bringing a little dog – yay!

Office: Before


Office: Packing


Office: Empty

2012-07-08 20.30.28


The strangest room to think about someone else living in is the bedroom. It’s just a little creepy to think about someone else making this their bedroom, but I know it’s completely normal.

Master Bedroom: Before

IMG_9161    IMG_9162

Master Bedroom: Packing

IMG_9576  IMG_9577

Master Bedroom: Empty

2012-07-08 20.29.27  2012-07-08 20.29.46

I hope our renters have as much fun living in our house as we have, it’s been a great 10 1/2 years and it’s time for new adventures. I’m not exactly sure if we’ll end up with a similar style of decorating in Colorado or if I’ll do something different. I’m really excited about moving in and starting the transition to make our new house a home next weekend!! Just a quick trip to San Antonio between now and then. Where I’m hoping to meet up with this girl! =)

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  1. Kirk says

    Really cool to see the progression through the move since it was difficult to take it all in during the process. Would love to see it in reverse in the CO house.

  2. says

    Exciting times! What a lot of work. Sounds like you have some fun new adventures just around the corner. Good luck (& enjoy San Antonio, we’re moving there in the fall).

    We are in limbo right now–we’ve half moved out of our house but left our furniture & furnishings for showings b/c we haven’t sold our house yet. Fortunately, we’re staying with family so we don’t have to worry about trying to live in a house while trying to sell it too!
    Janae @ Bring-Joy recently posted…Zesty Lime Soyrizo TacosMy Profile

    • says

      Thank Janae! I’ll tell you if I find anything cool, but I really only have one free night! I can’t imaging the limbo feeling for that long, I’m happy for the crazy & get it over with for my life. Praying for you!

  3. says

    What a fun post! And sad.

    It is really gross to see the things you missed while cleaning… every time I’ve moved it’s freaked me out. I’m not THAT messy of a person. :)

    Good luck traveling this week. Hope to see you SOON!

    • says

      I know – so weird. I’m so ready to be out of this crazy limbo and back in a real place. And have a house-warming party. I do love a party! :)

  4. says

    Aw Heather… what a great post!! I’ve never had my own home and only lived in my parent’s place growing up for more than 10 years. Other than that, my current place is my longest residence and I’ve only been there for 1.5 years.

  5. says

    I got kind of choked up looking at your pictures. I’m also very envious of what was your clean gorgeous house. :) Moving is such a weird thing. I’m so excited for you to get settled in your new home Heather. If you meet up with Lindsay make sure to drink some wine and give her a big hug for me! :)
    STUFT Mama recently posted…Dumps, Runs and DoughMy Profile

  6. says

    What an absolute beautiful home from the outside to the inside. I would be devasted if I had to leave it all behind :( But enjoy your new journey and transition into the next chapter of your lives. I already can’t wait to see the next home, and the beautiful furnishings you decorate it w/ :)
    jessie recently posted…Birthday SurpriseMy Profile

    • says

      Thank you so much! I love our new home even more, we are very blessed!! I should be posting pics of the new house empty & filled with the same stuff this week, just waiting on the moving van. :)

  7. says

    what a beautiful home! this is so exciting though and i can’t wait to see hw your life unfolds in colorado. i am late to your blog….though now i am saving it in my bookmarks…..why are you moving and where in colorado?
    kalli recently posted…Vegan Greek SaladMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Kalli!! We are relocating because I accepted a new job as a Digital Strategy Director with a company out here. It’s been a crazy month so far!

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