My Post-Competition Nutrition + Workouts

It’s been a full month since my second bikini competition. I’m doing things different this time around and have continued to work with my trainer without a break. Last time I enjoyed the break, but ignoring my nutrition wasn’t the healthiest decision and I knew it. I learned what didn’t work for me and decided to do things differently this time.

Post-Competition Nutrition & Workouts  //

The right thing to do after a competition? Reverse diet!! The goal is to slowly build your calories back to a maintenance level, while making your metabolism strong! That doesn’t mean eating everything is sight. It means eating what your body needs to recover from the hard work of preparing for the show.

I want to find a balance for me that continues to support my goals, while having a bit of fun.


My nutrition changes weekly right now, as we are slowly increasing my carbs based on my progress. I track my weight more closely than normal, as we watch how my body responds to the addition of more carbs each week. It’s just a small amount each time, but it’s FUN!

I’m following a flexible diet approach, which means no restrictions within my macros each day. I’m finding ways to fit wine, ice cream, waffles, and whatever else I’m thinking about into my daily meal plan. Not a cheat meal, but recipe creativity.

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