5 Fitness Finds for the Techno Geek

I realized (again) on vacation how much of a technology geek I am. When going to France for a (primarily) cycling vacation, who else brings a boatload of electronics with them? My backpack was filled with all the “essentials” any good digital geek needs. It’s a good thing laptops have gotten so think and light, because that went with us all over the country. And of course my phone was a requirement when on the bike, so we could snap quick (but high quality) photos along the route. All the ones you saw on instagram were from my phone!

5 Fitness Finds for the Techno Geek // FITaspire.com

The thing is, I love all my gadgets and they make my life easier! In the realm of health & fitness, technology makes it possible to do what I do. Whether I’m in the gym killing a strength workout or prepping a meal, there are a few things that I wouldn’t want to do without.

5 Fitness Finds for the Techno Geek

1. Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

No Apple in my house, I’m an Android girl. I’ve had 3 generations of the Samsung Galaxy so far, with my current phone being the GS4. I love it. And I can’t do a workout without it. I load all my strength workouts into the JEFIT app, so it can guide me through every rep. I track my daily water intake with the Water Your Body app. I also check the progress of my athletes workouts using the mobile apps for Training Peaks and Trainerize. And don’t forget the post-workout selfie!


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