Adventures in France: Versailles and Paris

It’s finally time for the last installment of our vacation in France! Two weeks is a wonderfully long time and it has taken over a month to share everything with you. After finishing our cycling tour of Bordeaux, we headed back up to Versailles to spend a few days exploring this area. You can catch up on all my France vacation recaps here.

Adventures in France: Versailles and Paris //


We had never been to Versailles before, but Kirk found us a great deal using points at the Waldorf Astoria right outside the gates. The chateaux that is now the Waldorf is the same location the treaty of Versailles was signed! It was also taken over by Hitler during WWII as Nazi headquarters for a time. Crazy history for one building.

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To say that the palace at Versailles is large is an extreme understatement. It’s the most extravagant, sprawling property I have seen! We were quickly worn out walking through the rooms and I’m not sure if we finished the entire property. My favorite memory at Versailles was our run on the second morning. Instead of just seeing the sights from the outside, we were able to actually run through the gardens! Lots of stopping for photos along the way, but an incredible way to see the grounds.

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