Greens & Grains Shrimp Salad

Greens & Grains Shrimp Salad //

It’s been quite some time since I’ve felt inspired to get in the kitchen. I eat so much food right now with bulking season in full swing that food is not often appealing. It’s something I just have to eat to build muscle. The thought of creating a new recipe has been hard to fathom. I continue to be grateful that Kirk has been picking up the slack in the kitchen! 

This past weekend I was on my own. Kirk had to work through the weekend out of town and I headed to the mountains as a solo traveler. It was relaxing and fun – just what I needed after a week of travel myself. My lunch on Saturday at Beaver Creek inspired this dinner creation. A huge bowl of grains and greens, featuring my favorite brussels sprouts shaved into the salad. 

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