Adventures in France: Saint Emilion

Are you ready for more about our cycling trip through Bordeaux? In case you missed the earlier posts, let me give you the quick summary. We started our ride from Bordeaux to Saint Macaire (40 miles), staying one night in this walled, medieval village. Next we rode from Saint Macaire to Sainte-Gemme (21 miles), with two nights in my favorite manor house. Today, we’re making our way to Saint Emilion (32 miles) for a few nights.

2014-09-06 14.43.58

Day 4 – Sainte-Gemme to Saint Emilion

After another delicious breakfast, we headed out for another day on the bike. My booty and quads were feeling the mileage at this point and I was not looking forward to the climbs to start and end the day. Sometimes it’s better NOT to look at the elevation map before the ride. Ignorance might have been bliss!

We stopped along the way to take in a few amazing sights, like this beautiful chateaux…


The route plan for the day warned that there wouldn’t be anywhere to stop for food on today’s journey, but we found a nice town along the way that had both a wine tasting stop and plenty of restaurants to choose from. I let Kirk pick our lunch spot and he chose pizza. Of course, even pizza houses have 3-course menus for lunch – so we ate more than our fill. The pizza was literally bigger than my head!


After lunch, the road turned back to the bike path for about 10 miles. We decided to burn off some extra calories and picked up the pace during this stretch (less to see on these bike paths). It felt good push a bit harder and I attempted (and failed) to race Kirk a few times. I was quickly dropped! Finally back on an actual rode, we stopped several times for photos.

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