Sweat On The Road (Bodyweight Workout)

I’m getting ready to start a week of travel for Thanksgiving, which can often throw a wrench into your fitness schedule. Although I prefer to plan ahead to find a gym in the area, there are times that it’s just not going to happen.

For those times, it’s best to have a backup plan. Because you certainly don’t need a gym to get a workout. You can get your sweat on in a hotel room with absolutely no equipment. And I want to help you do just that!

Sweat on the Road: bodyweight #workout // FITaspire.com

As always, be sure to focus concentrate on good form throughout the workout. It’s better to take it slow, take a break, or reduce the number of reps if needed. This workout is intended for individuals who have been exercising regularly for at least 2 months & can perform all exercises with good form.

Workout Details

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